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Messages from Jesus and Mary to Marie-Julie Jahenny

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

May 12, 1896

Our Lady: "I have done everything I could to save my people from the punishments. Many priests have grumbled and would not believe my Immaculate word...They greatly displeased me and have offended the Holy of Holies..."

September 19, 1896

Our Lord: "The priest is no longer humble, he is no longer respectful, he is frivolous and cold in the Holy Service. He thinks of strengthening his body when he lets souls groan without consolation... The worldly feasts will be paid for terribly in eternity... On the day of the great shake-up of My anger, many will deny the Father and put to shame his priesthood for all eternity like Judas. We shall see the betrayals that will take place the day that the terror will be widespread... To save the life of the body, many will lose their souls!"


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