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Messages from Jesus and Mary to Gisella Cardia

June 11, 2022

Message from Jesus

My children, I am so tired, so very tired . . . too much wickedness. This is the time of the Antichrist; he will always tantalize you. My children, do not be hypocrites: love me, truly love yourselves, and forgive. The dark night is coming. Those who will be with me will be so forever. I am putting you in your places, and my accounting begins now; you are not ready yet, but unless you abandon all that is of the world, you will never be able to enter My Kingdom.

Pray, children, pray much. My betrayers in My Church continue to afflict Me, they continue to do Me harm. They are fighting for power, they have not understood that I am the only One who can decide about every action. Ah, how they are playing with this free choice!

O My daughter, you must be more tenacious: be firmer, explain to them that the times are over, but do not grieve, because I am with you. They do not believe My prophecies and those of My Mother; they do not believe, but what will they do when the dark night comes and everything is fulfilled? Whom will they ask for help?

Many will convert, but many will die: they will be afraid, they have not understood that I am your everything, your God. I am here and I am watching you, listening to you, and examining your hearts. My children, be like brothers and sisters. Be united, give comfort to those in need, comfort one another, hold one another as one family in My name. But you must stand together–soon the worst will come. But do you not understand that without Me, all will be lost?

I bless you. Think, reflect, and meditate on my words! I bless you, children. Be warriors, never be downcast. My Holy Spirit will enter each one of you so that you would be stronger–to give you fortitude and peace. I love you all, each and every one.

I alway bless you, in the Name of the Father, in My Most Holy Name and that of the Holy Spirit. My children, I give you a passing caress. One by one, you will feel the breath of the Spirit and understand that I am here.

Message from Our Lady

Dear children, thank you for having responded to my call in your hearts. Beloved children, pray for the Church because many bishops are against one another because of power.

Communism is advancing; it will also enter the Church, and yet you still do not understand. Many of my children will arrive from everywhere, because famine is advancing. America will make the news. My children, you have free will, but you are using it very badly, and it does not mean doing whatever you want, including sinning. Nourish yourselves with the Holy Gospel and the Eucharist.

My children, I now bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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