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Message of Jesus to Luz de Maria

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

JUNE 29, 2022 (Official Translation)

My Beloved People: I BLESS YOU WITH MY HEART, I BLESS YOU WITH MY LOVE. My People, you are My beloved children and I share My Word with you so that you would prepare yourselves in spirit. I want you to convert and to be fraternal; this is what I want - that you would be a single heart, united to that of My Mother. My People, at this time, you should ask the Holy Spirit for discernment at every moment. Many human beings, confused by the human ego that is filled with pride, want to move away from where I have called them, and this is not right. THIS IS A TIME OF PREVENTION AND AT THE SAME TIME OF CHOICE: Prevention so that you would not stray onto other paths, and choice, so that with My Holy Spirit you might be able to discern and to stand firmly with Me. You need to work in My Vineyard (Mt. 20:4) so that, with My own Love, you might wait for My Angel of Peace, who is in My House waiting for Me to send him to My People. This is why nobody has seen him face to face. My Angel of Peace will arrive after the Antichrist appears and I do not want you to confuse the two of them. My People, it is very important for you to be cautious.... MY ANGEL OF PEACE (1) IS NEITHER ELIJAH NOR ENOCH, HE IS NOT AN ARCHANGEL: HE IS MY MIRROR OF LOVE FOR FILLING WITH MY LOVE EVERY HUMAN BEING WHO NEEDS IT. The Devil has left very few of his own in hell. Most are on Earth, doing his work against souls. His war is a spiritual one against those who remain with Me. THE WAR IS SPIRITUAL (*), but at the same time it harms you, elevating your human ego and infecting it, making you proud, arrogant, feeling that you know everything, that you are indispensable where you are so that your brothers and sisters would admire you, and this is not good. When you are not humble, the Devil declares himself the winner. My People, listen to Me! It is important for you to sow humility in your hearts so that your minds and thoughts would speak of what you carry within you. THIS IS THE ERA OF THE THIRD FIAT, THE ERA WHEN EVIL IS IN A BATTLE AGAINST MY MOTHER'S CHILDREN. The fire of ungodliness advances; the powers are showing their might and their fury against the little ones, whom My beloved St. Michael the Archangel will defend. My children must remain prepared to face the famine that is already looming over humanity. Shortages will be severe; in some countries the climate will be extremely hot and in others extremely cold. Nature is rebelling against the sin of the human race. The climate will vary constantly and the elements will rise up against humanity. Prepare yourselves! The soul must be a lamp giving light (Mt. 5:14-15) in the face of the darkness that the earth will suffer for a few hours. Fearlessly, trusting in My Protection, continue to comply with all that I ask of you so that you would be victorious. Fearlessly! I AM YOUR GOD. (Ex. 3:14) I carry you in My Sacred Heart and you are My great Treasure. I bless you. Your Jesus HAIL MARY MOST PURE, CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN HAIL MARY MOST PURE, CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN HAIL MARY MOST PURE, CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN

1. Revelations about the Angel of Peace... :

(*) Revelations about the Great Spiritual Battle... :

COMMENTARY OF LUZ DE MARIA Brothers and sisters: Keeping us obedient to the Divine Calls, Our beloved Jesus gives us details regarding events for humanity. Always being called to unity as brothers and sisters, and being of one heart as God’s People, we know that we are not indispensable, but that God alone is indispensable for us. Let us live focused on reaching the final goal, resisting within the Divine Love and Faith dictated by God’s presence at all times for humanity. Our Lord tells us that we will face darkness, but He is not referring to the Three Days of Darkness. Therefore, with our Faith not wavering but growing in each one of us, let us wait with confidence in Divine Protection and in the knowledge that the People of God are loved and defended by their Creator. Amen. NOTE: Luz de María invites you to visit the webpage dedicated to Our Queen and Mother of the End Times. Also in the following link you can download the book of Indications from Heaven for the End Times


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