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Message of Our Lady to Marie-Julie Jahenny

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Message of Our Lady to Marie-Julie Jahenny

November 30, 1880

Our Lady: “I salute you, my children, from my mother's heart and with all my affection. I come to establish my throne in the midst of you.”

Marie-Julie: “Thank you, good Mother! We also salute you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Our Lady: “My children, do not be sad, if you see me descend like this dressed in an outfit of deep mourning.”

(Not a piece of her clothing bears white, nor any joyful color. Her forehead is veiled to the eyebrows. She is very sad and said)

Our Lady: “It is not because of you, my children, I wear this black dress, this is the cause ... His heart beats with pain, I see It – it is because of this unfortunate hour, which for many days, will envelop you and complete the loss of this unfortunate kingdom that was so dear to me and still is. I say long, it is because of the depth of pain that these days include ... I am mourning for the rest of the last houses of virgins who live in prayer. An hour is decided that will break their intimate rest and cause the shedding of tears of regret. All these houses will be broken, sooner than any of you who have the faith are able to conceive. Suddenly Hell will roar. This cry will never cease. The ministers of my Son will be sent back to their homes and scattered among the people. When the hand of the perfidious man will arise for the third time on the rest of the houses of grace which, by their prayers, have held back the wrath of my divine Son, when that hand will land for the third time. it will go through, without exception of any person, not even the families of faith who stay at home, in prayer. Their homes will be tainted by the entry of formidable men. Only my Son and I are aware what follows their designs. These designs lead to the overthrow of the guilty, complete and perfect of all things.”

(The Virgin lifts up a little of her black dress that hides her feet, and shows me a large black crown that has only a few white dots. She draws it from her feet and takes it in her virginal hands.)

Our Lady: “Here it is,” she says, “unhappy crown, that before was so white, so admired by all foreign kings, and famous to the ends of the world. Today, under this sorrowful form, is the crown of France. It will retain this heartbreaking color until the day when the man of God, my Son will raise France from its ruins. It will, in tears, take this melancholy diadem and place it around its forehead, raising, with a broken heart, this kingdom fallen into the ruins of the most heinous and the most guilty. In this crown, my children, all France is enclosed, except you, O Brittany! I did not want placed, this black crown, not even on the tip of your lands, oh Brittany that I love, but my Son has a corner reserved for the most painful test. I will intervene when I can.”

(The Holy Virgin held up, with both hands, the crown to heaven and said:)

Our Lady: “My Son, of all my people who are threatened, keep Brittany protected by my mother and protected by my goodness, oh! at least keep the rest of Your homes that are sacred to You, keep in peace, your Apostles, faithful, let them rest."

(Our Lady is silent. We hear this word, the voice of God speaking as a judge, penetrating into the

depths: )

Jesus: “My Mother, in a short time, there will be no peace or rest; in a short time, there will be more freedom for evil, for fire, blood and death.”

(These are the words I heard, loudly and truthfully. Our Lady places the crown at His feet and said: )

Our Lady: “O France so dear, I look at you with an eye wet with tears. I see this crown rising from your feet. You will put it on your head. You will come to mercilessly push the weapon of death into the hearts of your generous fighters, the sword of death.”

(Her voice swoons like a mother to whom death has taken away what she holds most dear. The Blessed Virgin, her eyes fixed on France, said to it: )

Our Lady: “O France! for you so many times I cried and interceded. I only ask a single act of charity; save the cradle of innocence, leave life to the angels of the earth, so they can attract to you the beginning of mercy.

My child it is out of the goodness that I warn you of the approach of these fatal calamities, and of all major disasters.

My children, very close to this place where you will stay peaceful, at the beginning of this great and last storm that will bring a bright future, you will see fall very near evils so great and so numerous that you will be in agony to see so many suffer all around you.

My children, you will see fall on the world deadly diseases that will leave no time to be prepared to appear before my Son. The lightnings of heaven will succeed with a rapid violence. Fire from heaven will travel the earth to an appalling width: the vengeful lightning will burn any point that produces the fruit. Cultivated lands will be devastated by the power of this fire; grasslands will be burned and reduced to a land completely stripped. The fruit will not appear, all the branches of trees will be dry to the trunk.

Children of Brittany, you will use, to keep your crops, that which the goodness of my Son has revealed to you: it is the only way to save your food.

My children, for three days the sky will be on fire, furrowed by fear of divine wrath. What saddens me, is that this anger will not stop the forces of hell. They are neither afraid of my Son nor hell. It needs be that these times pass. The danger of France is written in heaven by the power eternal. I cannot intercede, I am not anything more than a mother without power.

For many years the earth will produce nothing. France will be unhappy, even after its triumph. For two or three years, she will feel the ruins and the deep misery. The misery will be great, although my people are clear. Prayer will bring the blessing. My son and I will have mercy on this long penance.

My children, pray for the Church, pray for all your ministers, pray for the Pope, for they will make an attempt [on his life] in his days. This place is also riddled with vengeance, and evil will be immeasurable, despite the faith of many of my people.

The evil, that I see so close, to my heart leaves a wound that will last forever: a considerable loss of souls, the faith ruined, baptism soiled. All these acts of cowardice, that I see, change into bad Christians many of my children.

France will perish - not all but many will perish - it will be saved with a much smaller number... O France, they will bring, even in your place, the dust from abroad. You will not be [able] to return these aliens. You were so noble, your nobility will be lost.

I have seen all pass on the earth. Never - I tell you with a mother's heart – never have I seen under my watchful eyes such crimes, such misfortunes: violations, sacrilegious attacks. It is now that I see all this pain. Oh! Pray, my children!

I will stop the pain.

Rest, my children.”


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