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My Secret

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

[ The “abomination of desolation” will occur soon when the corrupt hierarchy will change the words of institution, resulting in no consecration taking place at Mass. The true Mass and Church will have to go underground. Even on Facebook, they quickly “fact checked”/denounced the Miracle of the Eucharist that occurred on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi 2022 in Ireland (photo above). In "above ground" Catholic churches, there will be no Eucharist; only a "symbol." The New World Order/Illuminati are moving quickly now…]

Message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi

Fatima (Portugal); March 11, 1995

Cenacle with the Priests and Faithful of the M.M.P. from Portugal

"In this my venerated shrine, I welcome you all, my beloved ones and children consecrated to me, that I may enclose you all within the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart.

– Here, I appeared as the Woman Clothed with the Sun, to point out to you the road along which you must journey in this century of yours, so ensnared and in the possession of the spirit of Evil.

– Here, I came from heaven to offer you the refuge in which to take shelter at the moment of the great struggle between me and my Adversary and in the painful hours of the great tribulation and chastisement.

– Here, I caused the Marian Movement of Priests to spring up, and by means of this little son whom I have brought to every part of the world during these years, I have formed for myself the cohort, now ready for the battle and for my greatest victory.

– I want you here today, spiritually united with this son of mine, as a great cenacle of my Movement is being held before the image of your heavenly Mother, placed in the very spot where I appeared to the three children, Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia.

– Here, I am gathering you all round about me and expressing to you my pleasure for the way in which you have accepted the invitation to become part of the Marian Movement of Priests, to consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart and to spread everywhere cenacles of prayer among priests, children, youth, and in families.

I want you spiritually here with me, because as of now you are entering into the last period of time of this century of yours, when the events which I have predicted to you will come to their complete fulfillment. For this reason, here in the very place where I appeared, I want today to reveal to you my secret.

My secret concerns the Church.

In the Church, the great apostasy, which will spread throughout the whole world, will be brought to its completion; the schism will take place through a general alienation from the Gospel and from the true faith. There will enter into the Church the man of iniquity, who opposes himself to Christ, and who will bring into her interior the abomination of desolation, thus bringing to

fulfillment the horrible sacrilege, of which the prophet Daniel has spoken. (cf. Mt 24:15)

My secret concerns humanity.

Humanity will reach the summit of corruption and impiety, of rebellion against God and of open opposition to his Law of love. It will know the hour of its greatest chastisement, which has already been foretold to you by the prophet Zechariah. (cf. Zec 13:7-9)

Then this place will appear to all as a bright sign of my motherly presence in the supreme hour of your great tribulation. From here my light will spread to every part of the world, and from this fount will gush the water of divine mercy, which will descend to irrigate the barrenness of a world, now reduced to an immense desert.

And in this, my extraordinary work of love and of salvation, there will appear to all the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of her who is invoked as the Mother of Mercy."​

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