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Message from Our Lady of Sorrows to Kay

Rosary Prayer Group – Our Mother of Sorrows – October 25, 2022 – St. Ephrem Catholic Church

My Sweetest Children:

The crosses and trials are beginning to get heavier for my children to carry. I ask you as a loving Mother to pray fervently and offer these heartaches for the lost souls of your family members.

The evil of your world is becoming a greater threat to your entire world, and the battles that you will face will become so intense that without a prayer life you will not survive the upheaval of these chaotic times. You need to turn to your Lord and Savior and it will be your only hope for your spiritual survival.

My Divine Son's mercy can still be upon you if you reach out to Him with true repentance in your heart. There is no sin that He will not forgive. Do not wait another day to ask for His mercy, because very soon it will be His judgment that will come upon His children.

The chastisements that will fall upon you are very close at hand and so many of Our children will die without a moment's notice and many lost souls will suffer eternal damnation without sincere repentance.

The crosses and burdens that you now carry are nothing in comparison to what Our children will soon face.

The landscape of your once great and beautiful country [the U.S.A.] will become unrecognizable as war will ravage your land and natural disasters will destroy all in their pathway. All of these devastations and the plagues will take the lives of innumerable children.

My children, you have no time left for your fun and games. Get on your knees and pray, pray, pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray for the Church of my divine Son, for its persecution is at hand. Pray for the pope, hierarchy, bishops and all of the priests, because they are fast approaching their judgment.

My children I want you to have faith so that my divine Son will walk alongside His faithful children. He will not abandon any of His children that turn to Him with full trust and confidence.

The Church of my Son is in complete crisis, but as your heavenly and sorrowful Mother, I ask you to stay true to the Sacred Traditions and the True Magisterium of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The false church will take over for a short time, but the True, Holy, Catholic Church of Jesus will go underground with Our faithful priest-sons, who will continue to celebrate the True Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and bring you the Precious Body and Blood of My

divine Son in His Most Holy Eucharist.

My children, do not fear, because the Eternal Father is in control of all things and nothing will happen without his consent. Stay strong and firm in the love of your Jesus and pray for the mantle of My protection for your families and pray for the Sword of St. Michael to shield you from all spiritual and physical dangers.

I will place each of you in the love of my sorrowful Heart.

I bless you in my Son's Name.

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