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Message from Jesus to Kay


January 16, 2023 – Monday

Jesus begins to speak as Father begins his homily.

“My child:

I want to say that it is very important to have a balance within your lives, so that you can evangelize the ideas of happiness and joy as well as preparing yourselves for the times in which you are living.

My children, I do not want to bring words of sadness to you, but this is a time in which evil completely surrounds your entire world, and the souls of My children are at risk. Therefore, I must use My words to attempt to awaken so many of you from your slumber. The hour has come and salvation of souls is close at hand. You are becoming weak, weary and worn out because of the desperate times in which you are living.

I ask My children to come before Me in these times of crisis, because I am your Lord and Savior. My Mercy is infinite, and I am an all-loving God, who does not want one of His children to be lost.

The darkness of evil emerges around your world. My children do not realize the chastisements that are forthcoming and how the world will be taken over by the New World Order. Your country will be one of the leaders, who will lead their people into this evil and dark organization that bring about the anti-Christ.

My children, I will inform you that the Third World War is on the horizon and the invasion of Europe will soon take place. There is still time to have a change of heart and give up your ways in the world. Your partying, drinking and sins of the flesh are a false pleasure that will fade away through despair and desolation once these events of tribulation begin. All these forms of sin are leading you down the pathway of the abyss.

Do not follow the evils of your world. Come before Me and repent now before it is too late.

I so deeply love all of you and want to bring you the inner peace you are seeking. You are My children, and I am your One, True God who opens up His Heart to you. I want to comfort you and place you in the Love of My Sacred and Merciful Heart.

Satan is now in control, and he now reigns over everything on your earth, and he has taken over so many of the hearts and souls of My children.

My children, you cannot fight the spiritual battle of evil without Me and the warriors of Heaven. You cannot fight what you cannot see or what you do not believe in without the power of prayer. The evil forces surround you, but your Lord and Savior asks you to repent now, so that I can shower My Graces upon you to give you the strength to fight this spiritual battle of evil.

Hold on to your Rosary and pray it daily; pray for the Poor Souls in Purgatory and ask them to help you. They are awaiting your prayers; they can help you with so many events in your lives, yet they cannot do anything to help themselves. Pray for the repose of their souls daily.

Turn to the Angels and the prayer warriors of Heaven. They understand how serious evil is in your world, but they do cry out for vengeance because of the killings of innocent babies through the abhorrent sin of abortion.

Soon you will witness the sudden deaths of so many of My children through the illnesses that will arise and will spread quickly among you. The air that you breathe will be contaminated along with your food and water. The evil leaders of your country are destroying and contaminating all the good of the earth that once filled and covered your land.

Pray for My Church as well as the Pope, the hierarchy and all priests, because many of them are not prepared for their demise or for what lies ahead. The salvation of their souls is at stake, and I will hold you all responsible if you do not pray for them.

Remember that My priest-sons are the only ones who can consecrate the bread and wine into the true Body and Blood of your Jesus at the consecration of the Mass. They hear your confessions and forgive your sins through absolution. They are not without fault, but I will be their judge; none of you have that right to judge them. I ask only that you pray for them daily. I can forgive any sin with true repentance within the hearts of My children.

My Church will go through its greatest suffering, and it will be purged of the many sins of evil and acts of desecration. These evildoers have destroyed much in My Church, but you are not the judge. I SAY TO YOU: PRAY, PRAY, PRAY FOR ALL SINNERS OF THE WORLD, BUT ESPECIALLY MY PRIEST-SONS, BECAUSE THEY WILL SUFFER THE GREATEST, AND WITHOUT TRUE REPENTANCE THEY WILL SUFFER ETERNAL DAMNATION.

Pray for My faithful priest-sons, who are being persecuted without any justification by their superiors in their contemptuous and destructive treatment of those who are following the true, Sacred Traditions and true Magisterium of My Church. Many of My faithful priest-sons will be martyred, while others will be lead “underground.” Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for all My priest-sons.

This will be a very rocky year and you will witness many devastating events. There will be many changes through massive eruptions of volcanoes that have been dormant and silent for so long; the earth will shake as the water boils beneath the sea, and the effects can be massive because of displacement of the oceans causing record tsunamis to happen. You will suffer financial instability and you have been warned by Heaven to save food and water for future famine.

Your country will suffer far greater than any other, because My Father’s hand no longer protects your nation. Your country, people, and its leaders have turned their backs to their God and you will face many chastisements. You will witness war on your own land and My children will suffer greatly.

My children, the good have always suffered with the bad, but your prayers can have a different outcome for those who follow the pathway of their Lord and Savior. Pray fervently for your family and all those who no longer believe in the power of the Almighty God, for the just and righteous will see the Goodness of their Lord.”

After Father completed his homily, I suddenly see St. Michael as he glides over to the pulpit and he bends on one knee in reverence to Father and he place his hand over his breast plate; he then goes over to the middle of the sanctuary and takes his sword and lifts it up toward the front of his face while Father is beginning the Sword of St. Michael Prayer. St. Michael turns to his right side while holding his sword outstretched toward those in attendance and blesses them, and he then turns to the left side of the church and blesses the people on his right side. This is a special blessing of protection that he gives to those who attend all Masses of Reparation.

I immediately see Jesus as Father walks to the tabernacle to retrieve the luna with the Eucharistic Jesus. I see Jesus right next to Father, and as the priest comes to the kneelers for the blessing of the Eucharistic healing service, Jesus is at Father’s side. Jesus now stands at the right side of the priest, and He places His hand onto Father’s hand, and it immediately becomes infused. I immediately see an illumination of brightness that comes forth. As I have mentioned before, by seeing this, I know that every priest who is truly ordained by the Catholic Church is given the “power of Jesus Christ” through all the Sacraments of the Church, which Jesus Himself instituted. It is Jesus Himself who is giving us these great blessings. Priests of the Catholic Church truly represent Christ through these holy Sacraments.

As I look at those who come up for this blessing of healing, I look at Jesus and He is always smiling radiantly while looking at each of His children with a love so pure and so hard to describe because no one on this earth can smile this way. Jesus is full of love and mercy. There is no other way to describe it. He now looks at me and says, “Yes, these are My faithful children, who take the time each month to attend these Masses of Reparation when their schedules allow it, and they trust Me with their pain and suffering. I love them with all the love of My Merciful Heart.”

“I ask you to tell them to please have no fear when the suffering of events begins to happen. Tell them to trust and have confidence in My love for them and I will help them through the cross that I ask them to carry. I will never abandon them, and I will be right by their side when they call out to Me. I will hold each of them in the love of My Heart.

The Illumination of Conscience, the Warning, will be My greatest Act of Mercy for My Children, and there will be a short and peaceful time of conversion before My faithful children will be led to the refuges, the places of safety that I have prepared for them.

Spiritually prepare your souls, while you still can; come to the Sacrament of Confession, pray for the reparation of sinners and do good to others as I did on earth. I lead all of you through My actions and I want you to show your love for all of mankind, even the sinners and those who show you unkindness. LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I LOVE YOU. Open your Bibles and read Scripture; it should be an important part of your lives.”

The Holy Family was present at this Mass and Our Lady was holding the Baby Jesus. The Infant Jesus raised His little hand and blessed all those in attendance. He then said, “Pray as little children and live your lives with the simplicity of heart.”

I hear or see nothing further.


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