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Message from Jesus to Jennifer

February 12, 2022 2:25 p.m. My Child, I Am the God of order. I Am the God of mercy and justice. When the earth was created, I ordained day from night, light from darkness. I ordained male and female for there is no in between. Those who seek to ordain anything that is outside of that are not of Me. I Am not the author of confusion or fear. I come to tell you that greater chaos is going to spread all around this world when the scales of deception fall, and My people see the lies they complied with out of fear. Sin is why illness, destruction, death come to mankind, yet My mercy overcomes all those things. When My Children no longer trust, they lose all hope. My Child, governments will crumble and when you see France, Israel, Italy, and many others fall, know that the time of My Visitation is near. The voices of My Children will rise up because days of great mourning have come to this world. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot plead to your Father in heaven for peace but then comply to wickedness out of fear. You cannot say you defend life but then compromise another’s to save your own. My Children, I Am calling out to you as I did to Lazarus to come out of the tomb and seek My Mercy for the hour has come. Now go forth, for I Am Jesus and be at peace, for My mercy and justice will prevail.


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