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Message from Jesus to Jennifer

November 18, 2021

My child, It will be the voices of My children who will come to silence the enemy. The battle for my little ones began as I laid in a manger long ago and has proceeded to the womb of mothers. There are many Herods who roam this earth and they know that their time is rapidly diminishing. Do you not see when events begin to accelerate at great pace it is because the enemy is fearful of losing his power over my people? My children, I already won great victory for you through My Passion, Death and Resurrection. You have nothing to fear if you atone for your sins and come to My great fountain of mercy. This time of division cannot continue. The days of great mourning will come but it is also followed by great victory. Turn to your mother, My children, and follow her example because when you take refuge in her, you take refuge in Me, for I Am Jesus, and it is My mercy and justice that will prevail.


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