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Message from Jesus to Jennifer

November 21, 2022 2:45 p.m. My child, Many await the day, the hour, for the great separation of My Church. Many wait in anticipation for greater signs to come. Do not be as the foolish virgins, for I say to you that the separation has begun. Those who seek to rewrite what has been written, to change the true teachings of My Church, do not come in My name and speak with the voice of truth, for I Am Jesus. There are many who are clothed in My vestments but fall short of being My True Representative. My Chosen Sons, the time is now to prepare, to go out and witness in a greater way the gospel message. The time has come for you to open wide the doors of the confessional and invite your flock to repent of their sins. It is time to be firm in love by teaching your flock that this world has led them astray, yet the hand of their Creator is reaching out to them. My Child, tell My Children that there is great merit in suffering. Tell My Children that heavens graces come upon those who share in the wounds of My Passion. Tell My Children that this earth is going to rock and tremble. Too many today have greater fear of the loss of worldly pleasures and do not fear offending their Creator. I come to you in love, I come to you in mercy, I come to you in warning that the hand of justice can no longer be restrained. Do not become complacent with the teachings of the world because they are not truth. I Am Truth, for I Am Jesus, the light of the world. Come follow Me and I will shower you with great grace and keep you in the refuge of My Most Sacred Heart. Now go forth living the commandments, living the gospel message, for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.


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