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Message from Jesus to Jennifer

December 25, 2021 12:30 p.m.

My Child, I am Jesus, the light of the world. Just as I came into the world over two thousand years ago and laid in a manger, today I quietly rest in the tabernacles of the world. Each time my children come to Mass and genuflect before Me, you are paying homage to your King and Savior just as the three wise men. Open your hearts to receive and fulfill the will of your Heavenly Father just as My Mother did. She surrendered her life to the divine plan. The greatest way to honor your Heavenly mother is to come and adore her Son, for I am Jesus.

I tell my children to come receive me into your hearts and allow my light to emanate the rays of my love through you because it is the light that can never be extinguished.

Come, my children, come and seek me as the wise men did. Follow the light and never let the sources of darkness lead you in the wrong direction. Ask for the graces needed during this time and live the Gospel message. Now go forth, for I am Jesus and be at peace, for my mercy and justice will prevail.


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