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Message from God the Father to Gisella Cardia

June 28, 2022

"Dear children, I, your Father, desire that each of you remember often that I am where you are. I know all your needs and all that you desire; how I would like to see you come to Me with trust and love! Do not be enticed by vices that lead to total ruin. Children, My love for you is so great that I feel no joy equal to that of being among men. Behold, I say to those who are in a state of sin: do not ignore this call of love, otherwise I will not be able to enter into you; I would like you to keep yourselves from sin. I look at you, yet you ignore that I am here and call you with My great joy. I would always like to be beside you with the hope that one day you will return to your Father – it would be a most beautiful act of love. I am the living spring; I would like to be joy without end for you. My Son Jesus is in Me, and I am in Him, and Our love, which is the Holy Spirit, holds us together. Come and drink from this spring, and your joy will be so great until eternity. Do not be indifferent to this love; only thus will you be blessed – believe this truth.

Profit from these hard times. Follow the Scriptures and especially the Ten Commandments. Children, call me by the name “Father” even once, and you will have the assurance of eternal life. I say to you, My children who are working for My Glory and striving to make Me known and loved, that your reward will be great, and you will have much more in eternity. To you, My sons, priests, I urge you to make known this Fatherly love that I have for all of you in particular. You must work so that My will may be done; do not waste your time with the things of the world, and do not be inactive, but make My power known. I only desire to be loved, and to you who are not doing My Will at this time, I say, Woe! I address My children: speak of Me, do not reject Me. I do not want sacrifices, I want love and respect. Look at the crucifix, the Blessed Sacrament, the Sacred Scriptures, so that you may understand the extent to which I have loved you; and if families would love Me more, know Me more, invoke Me more, I will give them My peace, My Mercy, and I will be your all that will suffice for everything. Do not refuse this joy; I would like you to enjoy this light that will illuminate your lives. Now I bless you, children, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity."


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