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Marie-Julie Jahenny, the "Breton Mystic"

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

January 2, 1874 "Poor sinners, if you knew the sweetness of Calvary and the beauty and the goodness of God, you would say: - I want to give my soul to God. Go wash your crimes in the saving waters. Going to the feet of this good Father, I see Satan holds you in his nets, he shakes them. O good Lord! I who am unworthy, I cry to You. Oh! I see our Mother on Calvary, crying tears of blood. Our sins have killed her beloved Son. Mary, at the foot of the Cross, asks for prayers. Let us pray at the foot of the Cross, before the tabernacle. If by my death I could win one soul! I, too, a sinner, I found grace – I used the saving waters of penitence. Do like me too. Wash your crimes. Our Lord will soon forget them. I see the sinners that melt in tears, and others, as hard as rocks. See Marie-Julie – she tells you: I have given you the secret of my love; ask me, sinners, whatever you want, I will give the last drop of my blood. I will do penance for all. I do not fear the battle, give me a thousand times more to suffer. What charms slanders have! O slander, I love you – you purify my soul! O sinners! Do as I do; walking, moving away the brambles and thorns, we will revive the faith. One day Our Lord will say: "I gave you examples, you do not want to follow. Yes, my mission will be a great prodigy."


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