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Marie-Julie Jahenny and the Purple Scapular

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

This powerful scapular is precisely for the end times in which we are living. It was revealed to the end times messenger, mystic, and stigmatist Marie-Julie Jahenny a long time ago in preparation for these times. It is larger than a typical sacramental scapular but it is well worth the money. It can be worn and/or displayed (for example, hanging it on a wall). Regarding this, there are different graces if one wears it, carries it, or displays it prominently in one's home. It is best to wear it rather than carry it. Churches, too, will be protected -- in this case from profanation -- if there is one placed on display and venerated there. For more on the Purple Scapular, go here:

Here is more on her, this precious scapular, and how to buy it. It is best to buy it from a Catholic source; not from Amazon, which is a Masonic company.


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