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Manuela Strack – “Germany, your pride is unsurpassable.”

Messages from Jesus and St. Michael to Manuela Strack

Apparition of Saint Michael the Archangel on March 21, 2023

(Official Translation, including parts in bold)

A large golden sphere of light floats in the sky above us. It is surrounded by a golden ring. Saint Michael the Archangel emerges from the sphere of light. He speaks:

“God bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Quis ut Deus? Israel, I have heard your call.”

Saint Michael the archangel carries a sword in his right hand and a shield in his left hand. St. Michael says:

“Germany, cry out for the mercy of your Lord and Savior. Your erroneous path brings eternal death. Ask for reparation before the Eternal Father.”

Now I see that on the white radiant shield there is a shiny golden inscription “Quis ut Deus”. Saint Michael the Archangel appears completely in white. A choir of angels now emerges from the golden ring. The Archangel Michael did not come to us alone. I am allowed to touch the shield of the Archangel Michael, which serves as protection for us. St. Michael speaks to us:

“I did not come to punish you. This here, this is my sanctuary. There, where I set my foot onto this earth.”

St. Michael raises his sword to the sky. The Vulgate, the Holy Scripture, appears above his sword. It shines down to us and opens. I see the Bible passage from the Old Testament Micah 2. Saint Michael the Archangel says:

“Stay faithful to the Holy Scripture.”

Saint Michael the Archangel speaks confidentially about the coming time and the task he has received from God. I told him that we are very much asking for reparation to mitigate the punishment. Then he says:

“Germany, your pride is unsurpassable. Which word of the shepherds should I bring to the Father? Which word of the shepherds persists before the throne of the Father? Repent! Listen to the word of the Eternal God, my Lord. The Word lives forever. So I will come to you again and I will fight for the faithful.”

Archangel Michael instructs us to place the rosaries and medals on his footprint. He further instructs me to lie on the floor in the shape of a cross with my face towards the floor and to pray:

M.: “Reparation before the Eternal Father! Reparation! Forgiveness for our sins! Reparation! Reparation before the Eternal Father! Forgiveness for our sins! Forgiveness for our shepherds! Reparation before the Eternal Father! Amen."

St. Michael then speaks:

“Have courage and remain steadfast. I pray for you before the throne of the Eternal Father. Have no fear. Once again I tell you: I do not come to you to punish you. Instead, I come to you in friendship.”

M.: “Saint Michael the Archangel, protect the Church and protect Germany. Help us! Don’t let us go astray and pray for us.”

Saint Michael the Archangel speaks to us:

“Our Queen of Heaven has spoken to you so often. Become witnesses of faith! It is no longer enough that you pray. Your testimony is important. Quis ut Deus?”

M.: Goodbye, Saint Michael the Archangel! Thanks! Deo gratias!

Saint Michael the Archangel goes back into the light, and so does the choir of angels while singing “Quis ut Deus”.



Apparition of the King of Mercy on February 25, 2023, above the Maria Annuntiata Fountain

(Official Translation, including parts in bold)

A large golden sphere of light floats in the sky above us. This is accompanied by two more smaller spheres of light. We are all immersed in a golden light. Then we—and our country, Germany—are bathed in a reddish light. The large golden sphere of light opens and the King of Mercy comes to us in Prague form. The merciful infant Jesus wears a large golden crown. His eye color is blue. He wears dark-brown hair with short curls and a violet robe as well as a violet mantle. The robe and the mantle are embroidered with golden lily tendrils, but their flowers are closed. In His right hand he holds a large golden scepter and in His left hand the Vulgate, the Holy Scripture. Now the other two spheres of light open. One angel from each–i.e. two angels–emerge from each of them. They are clothed in a plain white robe and spread the mantle of the Lord over us like a tent. The Lord blesses us: “In the name of the Father and of the Son—that is Me—and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

The Lord grants me a few personal words about the Casa Misericordia. Then He tells me that the color of His mantle and robe is “purple.” [translator’s note: alluding to emperors and cardinals]. It looks violet to me.

The King of Mercy speaks to us:

“Dear friends, be blessed in this Holy Lent. Truly, it is a time of penance for you. Prayer, sacrifice, penance! So that Satan may not lead you into a war. I have told you how you can prevent a war in your country [Germany]. Stay true to me and my word! Have mercy on the people who became victims of the war. Today I have come to give you consolation. I do not abandon you. My Most Holy Mother does not abandon you.”

The Holy Scripture in the hand of the King of Mercy is opened by an invisible hand and I see the Bible passage: Heb. 10:19 ff. The Word of God shines down to us from the Vulgate, the Holy Scripture. It is a wonderful light.

The heavenly King speaks to us:

“Do not let yourself be unsettled. Pray: ‘Jesus, I trust in you!’ The Eternal Father has His plan. Even if people establish a lukewarm church, it will be without mercy.”

Here the Lord spoke to me personally about the term “lukewarm.” It can be found in the Holy Scriptures in Revelation (Holy Scripture, Revelation 3:15 ff.). The gracious infant Jesus continues:

“Hold fast to the Word of the Eternal Father, to My Word, to the Holy Scripture. Anything else will go astray. Anything else means Eternal Death. The time of persecution has come. Therefore, it is important that you pray, sacrifice, do penance, and live in sanctifying grace. This is the only way you can stand the test of time that is ahead of you. If you listen to My Word, you will be able to stand the test well, because I will guide you through this time. I told you: St. Michael will touch the earth with his sword. Look!"

In the mantle of the King of Mercy I now see the following:

Saint Michael the Archangel floats down to earth from heaven with his sword and makes a cut on the earth with his sword. This cut is in the north of Russia and also affects the Arctic Circle. (Later I see on the map of Russia – exactly where the cut of the sword runs through; there is a city in the north of Russia dedicated to the Archangel Michael called Arkhangelsk. However, the cut of the Archangel goes beyond this city.) Russia is covered with green paint. Then suddenly the earth as a whole shakes. Continents disappear. New continents emerge. I see large rifts on the globe. A big rift in Russia. A great rift in the eastern countries and Africa. It looks to me as if something is breaking away from Italy. There are also large earth rifts in America and South America – America in land and South America on and even in the water. Fire and water work everywhere at the same time. Flood and fire. Mountain ranges also change. This all happens at the time of war. Nevertheless, the King of Mercy holds His golden scepter over some people and I see that this is His protection. The Lord comes near to me and says in a gentle voice:

“This has to happen. Have no fear!”

Then He takes His Scepter to His Heart and it becomes the aspergill of His Sacred Heart, filled with His Precious Blood. He especially blesses the children and the sick, even those who have come from far away and those who think of Him in the distance: “In the name of the Father and of the Son—that is Me—and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

M.: “Lord, when all this comes, please think of us! I can only bear this because You said that You guide us and that You protect the people who call on You.”

The Heavenly King looks at all of us and asks us to pray the following:

“O my Jesus, forgive us our sins. Save us from the fire of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are most in need of your mercy.”

The gracious child Jesus says: “Adieu!”

M.: “Adieu, Lord, adieu!” Then the heavenly King says:

“Saint Michael the Archangel will come to you. He is not coming to punish you.”

M.: “I know, my Lord. I will tell people in March.”

Then the Lord goes back into the light, as do the angels. The spheres of light close and disappear in the sky.




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