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Luisa Piccarreta: The Kingdom of the Divine Will

The below excellent video is an introduction to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and her inspired writing The Book of Heaven, as well as the coming Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Divine Will is the greatest private revelation ever -- by far. Jesus told her that Divine Will is the greatest devotion of all time. Her dear friend, St. Padre Pio, said that she will be like a second sun in the Era of Peace (promised by Our Lady of Fatima), which is the Kingdom of the Divine Will. The two friends would bilocate to each other...

Divine Will is so great that my personal recommendation is to give up following all other private revelations (as wonderful as they are) in favor of Divine Will. Since Divine Will is, as it were, a quantum leap in Catholic spirituality, it is necessary to be led by a priest so as not to be confused. I recommend most highly Fr. Thomas Celso, who can be found regularly on this website:

Click below for the video:


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