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“This new digital dollar is a takeover of your money”

Messages from Jesus to John Leary

November 21, 2023: (Presentation of Blessed Virgin Mary)

Jesus said: “My people, Eleazar preferred to die instead of following the king’s edict that the Jews had to eat pork. The Jews did not eat pork according to the Mosaic law. This willingness to die for his faith is a lesson for Christians who are already dying for their faith in communist countries. The coming tribulation may also be a test for Christians when you will be threatened with death if you do not take the mark of the beast. Refuse to take the mark of the beast, even if you become a martyr for the faith. Also refuse to take any mandated flu or Covid shots because people are dying from the shots. Those people who take the mark of the beast and worship the Antichrist will be sent to hell according to the Book of Revelation in Chapter 13. So follow Me, even if it means being a martyr.”

November 20, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, many people have been healed from disabilities because they had faith in My healing power. Imagine if you were blind, and you could not see anything. You could hear and feel things, but having sight is a wonderful gift. You may be nearsighted or farsighted, but you can wear glasses to help with your sight. Some people have cataracts or your eyesight is weakening. Be thankful for operations that can restore your sight when possible. You may have physical sight, but you also need the eyes of faith to have understanding of My Gospels in how to live holy lives. Those people who consecrate their lives to Me are walking on the right path to heaven. Call on Me every day to give you sight both for the soul and the body.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My son, you have prepared well for your refuge with 20 lanterns that are powered by three AA rechargeable batteries. You will need some light at night, and rechargeable batteries can be recharged if you have some solar panels and batteries. As long as you can keep recharging your batteries, you can have light all of the time. You also have some windup lights for getting to the bathroom in the dark. When you prepare for your refuges, think about independent living. Trust in Me and My angels to provide for your necessities at your refuges.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have solar panels and batteries so you could run some devices during the night such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, and your water pump and sump pumps. Water is necessary, so being able to run your water well is good to provide water to drink, cook, and your toilets. This is why backup electric sources will be needed. Thank Me for encouraging you to get your water well.”

Jesus said: “My people, you need to have a backup source of heating your home if the natural gas is no longer available. You have an insert wood fireplace that is 70% efficient. You have plenty of wood to burn to keep you warm for a full winter. You also have kerosene and several kerosene burners so you can keep warm. I will replenish your fuels so you can survive several years. Trust in My multiplication of your fuels.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will be baking bread with your Camp Chef oven, and you will be making soups that will not go dry all day long. Again I will multiply your food, water, and fuels. It will be difficult to feed a lot of people at your refuge, but have no fear because My angels will provide for your needs. You have learned how to make and bake bread from your practice runs. You also know how to make big kettles of soup because you did so in your practice refuge runs. Be thankful that you did your practice runs so you know how to provide your meals.”

Jesus said: “My son, you did well to make some bunk beds, and you bought 22 cots with a small mattress on the cots, and mattresses for the bunk beds. You can place your cots so people have privacy in dressing and sleeping. Your bathrooms will be needed for your hygiene and latrine needs. You will need to use sponge baths for washing, because showers use too much water. I will help provide enough buildings to house all of the people whom I will send to your refuge.”

Jesus said: “My son, I will provide some priests for Mass and Confession at a large refuge. The priest will consecrate hosts at Mass. At refuges without a priest, I will have My angels provide daily Holy Communion. You will need a monstrance to place a consecrated Host for your Perpetual Adoration. Your people need to sign up for at least one hour of Adoration per day. Having My Real Presence among you will enable My multiplication of your food, water, and fuels with your faith in My miracles.”

Jesus said: “My people, I will bring My Warning and the six weeks of Conversion time to give people a chance to make reparation for their sins when there will be no evil influence. After this time I will call My faithful to come to the safety of My refuges with an inner locution only for the faithful. My angels will shield you from bombs, viruses, and even comets. They will also make you invisible to the evil ones. At the end of the tribulation, I will send My Comet of Chastisement that will kill the evil ones and they will be sent to hell. My faithful will be protected from the comet, and I will bring you into a renewed earth in My Era of Peace where you will live for a long time. Rejoice when you will be living with no evil influence.”

November 19, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, the parable in Matthew’s Gospel speaks about talents, but this is a talent of gold where one talent is worth $2 million dollars in today’s value. This is not the usual meaning of talent, as a gift of music. One servant was given five talents of gold and he made five more. The second servant was given two talents of gold and he made two more. But the third servant was given one talent of gold, and he buried it and he was too lazy to use it to make more. When the man went abroad, he later returned to settle accounts with his servants. This is the meaning of when you see My Second Coming and everyone will have to answer for how they used My gift of life. You will all be judged as I read the intentions of your heart in your actions. All of those people who love Me and repent of their sins will be welcomed into heaven. But those people, who do not love Me, and they do not seek My forgiveness of their sins, are choosing hell over heaven. Reach out to convert people to believe in Me so they can be saved. I call all of My faithful to be evangelists in sharing your faith with others.”

November 18, 2023: (Dedication of Peter & Paul Basilica)

Jesus said: “My people, this deep, dark water well will provide needed water during a coming famine. You will need your three months of food when your stores will be empty from another shutdown from a pandemic virus. When you see people dying in the streets, I will call My faithful to My refuges, where you will look on the luminous cross in the sky that will heal any sickness. In the Gospel I gave a story of an old woman begging a judge for her just decision. She had done so for a long time. This is an example of how you need to be persistent in your prayers, and I will answer them in My way and in My time. Trust in Me that I listen to every prayer out of your mouth. I know your desire even before you voice it in prayer.”

Jesus said: “My people, major changes are coming into the Church and they will not be according to the Church traditions. If some changes are not proper, you do not have to follow them. I love all of you, but there are liberal people making these changes. If you see a change in the words of Consecration, then avoid that Mass and come to a traditional Mass at My refuges. You are seeing attacks by the devil both inside and outside of My Church. Keep praying your rosaries and be ready to come to My refuges at the proper time.”

November 17, 2023: (St. Elizabeth of Hungary)

Jesus said: “My people, in the time of Noah, he built the ark and he put the animals and his family aboard. Then the flood came and wiped out all of the evil ones. In the time of Lot, he led his family out of Sodom and then I brought the fire and brimstone down on the Sodomites, and they were destroyed. Do not look at My destruction, as Lot’s wife looked back and she was turned into a pillar of salt. So now in the age before the tribulation, one will be taken to My refuges and one will be left behind. I will separate My faithful from the evil ones, and My people will be safe at My refuges. Then I will bring My Comet of Chastisement down on the earth, and all the evil ones will be cast into hell, but My faithful will be shielded from any harm by My angels. Seal your windows with black plastic so you do not look at any destruction of the evil ones. Then I will renew the earth and I will bring you into My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said: “My people, if your power grid went down for a long time, this would affect your lives dramatically. Not too many people would be able to survive for a long time. This is why I have asked you to prepare your refuges with food, water, and fuels. People would be desperate for food and water for basic survival. This is why My angels will protect My faithful at My refuges. My angels will protect you from people who want to steal your supplies. I will multiply your food, water, and fuels so you could have a viable refuge for those people who are at your refuge. You will need your wood and kerosene to keep your house warm in the winter. You have propane and butane for cooking. Some solar power could give you lights and some power for your microwave oven. Be ready to use your solar power for some electricity to run your appliances. Keeping snow off of your panels will supply some electricity in the winter for your water pump. Trust in Me and My angels to protect you and feed you.”

November 16, 2023: (St. Margaret of Scotland)

Jesus said: “My people, I love all of you so much and you are blessed to have a sunny day. The Gospel speaks about the Kingdom of God, and you experience this when you are in My Presence and when you receive My Eucharist. This Gospel speaks about the end times when you will see the Son of Man come on the clouds to judge humanity. This will come after the three days of darkness and the Comet of Chastisement that will cleanse the earth of all the evil ones into hell. My faithful will be protected by My angels at My refuges from any harm from the comet. I will raise you up in the air and I will renew the earth. Then I will bring My faithful down into My Era of Peace to live a long time in the new Garden of Eden where you will eat from the Trees of Life. Once you die, you will be a saint and you will rise with Me into your place in heaven.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing Israel’s Army bringing supplies to this hospital in Gaza without shooting. The Army found Hamas weapons and ammunition hidden at the hospital. They discovered tunnels under the hospital because Hamas hides behind its citizens. This is a brutal war as Israel is trying to clear out Hamas terrorists. Keep praying for peace, even though both sides do not want to stop fighting.”

Jesus said: “My people, the Chinese communists want America to keep buying things from China. Biden has taken money from China and it is hard to trust either leader. Your people and your company CEOs, like Apple, do a lot of business with China. China is still sending fentanyl to your country. Your country is finally trying to source products from other countries and make things in America. Beware of China that wants to take over Taiwan and they are taking advantage of an open border in Maine.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing My Church leaders, and they are controlling what is acceptable in their liberal view of My Church. Those clergy who support the traditions of My Church and the true faith are being silenced. Pray for your leaders who are misleading the people in some elements of the faith. Any teachings that are contrary to the Catechism of the Catholic Church do not have to be followed.”

Jesus said: “My people, your whole finance system is about to be changed by Biden and the one world people. This new money system will be like China’s social credit system. If you do not follow the proper spending of your new currency, the government could zero your accounts. This new digital dollar is a takeover of your money, and you need to resist this move, or you will lose your money. The follow-up to this control will be a mandated mark of the beast that you need to refuse taking. Trust in Me that I will bring My people to My refuges where My angels will protect you from the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, refuse to take any flu shots or Covid shots because they could kill you in time. You are seeing many young people dying or getting sick from these shots. The one world people are using these shots to sterilize people and even reduce the population. Rely more on holy oils as the Good Friday oil, Hawthorn tea, and antibiotics as ivermectin that can heal people.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is not too late to set up refuges, as they will be needed during the tribulation time. These late starts may not be able to store all that is needed, but My angels will help finish up what is needed at your refuges. If you have faulty preparations, My angels will repair them, so they can be used during the tribulation. I will also multiply and refill your food and fuel containers. It will be My Perpetual Adoration that will give you the power to have your needs multiplied. Trust in Me to protect you and provide for your survival.”

Jesus said: “My people, these coming end time readings are a comfort and My promise of how I will protect My faithful during the tribulation of the Antichrist. You will have food, water, and fuels multiplied for your survival. My angels will put shields over My refuges that will protect you from bombs, viruses, and invisible shields to hide you. Trust in Me to lead you to My Era of Peace.”

November 15, 2023: (St. Albert the Great)

Jesus said: “My people, you are very familiar with My healing of the ten lepers. I told them to go show themselves to the priests, and they were cleansed of their leprosy on the way. One of the ten was a Samaritan and he came back to Me to give Me thanks for healing him. Then I asked why the other nine did not come to give Me thanks as well. This account is a reminder to give Me thanks for all the good things I do for all of you. In other words, do not forget to thank Me and other people who help you. In the vision you are seeing people celebrating a turkey dinner on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. It is a usual time for family to come together to give Me thanks for all I do for you. Do not forget to pray your grace before that meal, even if some people are not so religious. Let them know the reason for your celebration. I love all of you, and it is good for your family to unite for the holidays. Pray for the conversion of all the souls of your family to be saved by believing in Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are being controlled by the one world people. These evil ones, behind the scenes, are manipulating your voting machines using their money to pay off workers and judges. The evil Democrat leaders will win most elections just like they do in Venezuela and even in Brazil. Your corporate leaders will help the ruthless Democrats to steal your money with this digital dollar. Your people need to rise up and fight this takeover of your money, or you will lose everything. These evil ones will cancel your accounts, and you will need to come to My refuges for your survival and protection. I will defeat these evil ones and they will all be in hell with My just sentence. Be thankful that you can survive this tribulation with My angel protection and My multiplication of your needs.”


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