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Jennifer – “what began in Israel will end in America”

Message from the Blessed Mother to Jennifer

April 13, 2024 – 5:30 p.m.

My daughter,


The offenses against my Son are grave and the world is in much danger. My children, do not turn away from my Son, for I have come to draw you into the light of truth. My Son – through His Passion, Death, and Resurrection – suffered a great price for each and every one of you. Your soul is precious, for He carries the wounds of the world in His hands and feet, and His wounds are bleeding profusely. 


My children, begin to recite the rosary often, for too many have become paralyzed in their complacency. This world will begin to rock and tremble unless hearts begin to change and accept the truth, accept my Son as the King of Mercy. When you open your hearts to prayer and recitation of the rosary, I, as your mother, will show you how to turn away from sin and to live in humility. I will assist you in making a contrite confession so that healing can come. Remember, my children, what began in Israel will end in America. The hour has come, the hour has come. I plead as your Heavenly Mother to listen and heed to the warnings of heaven – for the world has never been in such a grave state. May the peace of my Son, Jesus, be with you.




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