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Jennifer – “Russia and China were uniting behind closed doors”

Message from Jesus to Jennifer

October 24, 2023 – 10:45 p.m.

My child, if my children desire to grow in holiness, then I say go to Reconciliation. My children, you must reconcile yourselves before me. Go before the seat of my representative and seek my mercy. If you seek peace, then it must begin within your heart, mind, and soul. You must not seek vengeance against another, for you are substituting my mercy for your justice. Nothing on this earth can surpass eternal justice. You must pray even for your enemies. You must pray in humility, and from there heavenly graces will come.

My children, without prayer, war will come upon every corner of the earth. There are many leaders who are guiding my people to the slaughter. They do not seek peace. They seek war and bloodshed in the name of greed, power and pride. I have warned my children for some time that Russia and China were uniting behind closed doors. America will turn on itself without prayer and repentance. Do not be foolish children, do not be naive to the enemy’s plans, for in the blink of an eye chaos will break out all over the world. Be vigilant! Be vigilant! Be vigilant in all things! Remember, my children, those who have the greatest minds do not always have the greatest hearts. Man would find great favor if he would use his gifts for the good of his neighbor. Come, my children – come to me in adoration and you will find refuge, for I am Jesus and my mercy and justice will prevail.


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