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Interview of a New Messenger ~ Sr. Amapola

[April 30, 2024]

Webmaster: I had made up my mind not to add any new messenger to this site so as not to make it too overwhelming and confusing to visitors looking for one or two private revelations to follow. I remain steadfast in saying that heaven does not want us to "chase after visionaries," so do not give into the temptation to follow many messengers out of vain curiosity, especially to try to figure out the future. This can be a sin. It is better to live wholeheartedly the messages of one or two private revelations than to know about ten and live none. Private revelation is not about knowledge but, rather, prayer, penance, and conversion of heart. What I see is that the more indulgent one is in this area, the less one lives the messages, which is obviously the primary purpose of private revelation; knowledge is secondary.

A friend sent me this video three weeks ago and I ignored it. But somehow I saw it listed on YouTube tonight. I feel very confident that this religious sister is an authentic messenger. Here is an introductory video on her and the messages heaven is giving to us through her:


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