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“I see that many are moving away from the true Way. Be careful!”

Messages from Our Lady to Eduardo Ferreira


June 13, 2024 – São José dos Pinhais (Brazil)


My children, today I invite you once again to pray for my chosen children, the priests.

I am here and I insist on asking you to pray a lot for the Church of my divine Son Jesus.

I have already revealed to you, in many past messages, that there would be many persecutions within and without the Church.

Know, my children, that this persecution has already begun.

You have to double your prayers.

You, as mystic roses, have to pray, do penance, and even small sacrifices for my sons, the priests.

Do not be afraid.

I am your Mother and I am with you.

Always consecrate your families to my care.

On this day, I also invite you to pray for my children in Asia.

Pray, pray my children.

Everything you will give with love, will come back to you doubled.

I bless you with love.

June 12, 2024 – São José dos Pinhais (Brazil)

My children, peace!

I come from Heaven to be close to you.

I am here and I want to show you the only and true way to follow: Jesus!

I see that many are moving away from the true Way. Be careful!

My children, if you truly live my messages, you will not be confused in front of so many injustices and persecutions.

It is a time of prayer – it is a time of grace.

My children, seek for conversion.

Always pray.

Pray for inner peace.

I am the Mystic Rose, the Queen of Peace.

I bless you with love.


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