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I AM PRESENT: Come to Me in Your Complete Poverty

(This Message was dictated to Sr. Amapola on February 20, 2017, shortly after the conclusion of Mass. This was also not long after she first began receiving the Messages. 


Note: The inclusion of [smile] by Sister is to better convey her strong sense of Jesus' tone when He was speaking.)


My Florecita*, write, secretary of My Heart.

You want Me to dictate to you what I told you during our Communion, because you liked it very much and want to share it, so that it can be of help for the others:

Very well then. [smile]

When you received Me you were thinking about how poor is the Host in which I hide, and I told you:

Look, daughter, how I come to you: in absolute poverty, under such poor appearances, and yet all My Love is present, I Am present. [smile]

It is the same with you. I come to you like this, so that you are not afraid to come to Me in your complete poverty, because what I see is your love and faith.

Others see in My Host only a very poor little piece of bread, a nothing. But you see Me and you see My Love.

Others see you and see only your humanity full of defects. They see you as a ‘nothing’; but I, children, see you. I see the love, the faith – not your defects. [smile]

How much I love you, children, that I present Myself to you so very poor [in appearance] so that you are not afraid or hesitant to come to Me in your poverty. Love that sees Love, children, and nothing more. Love that heals, that encourages, that consoles, that corrects – but always Love.

I bless you, children of My Heart.

Happy, Florecita? [smile] 

Your Jesus.


* “Florecita” in Spanish translates to “little flower” in English.




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