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Gisella Cardia – “there is no man who can destroy God’s Work”

Updated: May 30

[This photo of Our Lady of Fatima weeping is not associated with Gisella Cardia.]

Message of the Queen of the Rosary given to Gisella on May 13, 2024, the Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima

Beloved children, thank you for responding to My call in your hearts.

My children, I ask you to pray for all those consecrated persons who trample underfoot the Body and Blood of My Beloved Son with offenses and heresies. This will have grave consequences especially for the faithful who are being lost. My children, the Church is sinking in a sea of heresies against God. But I will help and drop the oars for those who want to be saved and acknowledge My One God instead. There are no gods or other signs that can take the place of God and that is why My Son will not give them mercy but will cry out with all His Justice. You, My children, be united in prayer and remember that there is no man who can destroy God’s Work ... go forth in Truth! I bless you now in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. May many graces rain down on you today!

Your Mother of Fatima


SHORT REFLECTION [by Gisella Cardia]

The Mother of the Church invites us to continue to pray for the Spouse of Christ. Today especially for her consecrated persons, her ministers, who are the dispensers of the Lord’s Grace through the Sacraments. Let us pray, for so many of them who – perhaps without realizing it, following “modernist theologies” and “false ecumenism” – are trampling “underfoot the Body and Blood” of Jesus “with offenses and heresies,” thus steering the boat of the Church toward an inevitable shipwreck and making themselves accomplices in the loss of so many souls, for which they will have to answer to God. For this reason, Our Lady becomes for us “the Anchor of Salvation” to which we must cling our lives, “tossed about” by the stormy sea of the world, because only in this way can we save ourselves. Let us not, therefore, be “attracted” by the theological fashions of our time, which suggest that we seek other gods and replace the One God. Jesus will show His mercy to those brothers and sisters who repent, but He will also show His justice to those who want to lead humanity to destruction. Let us always remain united in prayer, for God’s works will always progress with difficulty, but wondrously.


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