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Gisella Cardia – “Ask Me for a grace this night and I will hear you”

Message from Jesus to Gisella Cardia

December 24, 2023

My daughter and sister, tell the world that even today, I am born in Spirit and will be with you. I ask you to write these words of Mine, for it would be a great joy for Me if everyone could celebrate My birth, and if I were presented to friends and relatives as the guest of honor in every home. Ask Me for a grace this night and I will hear you; ask with love, with a heart cleansed of hatred and pride, and I will be there to grant your wishes. Brothers and sisters, today I would like to be the most beautiful gift for you: give Me the place of honor at your tables, that I may fill you with joy and peace. Now I leave you with My blessing, peace in your homes, and prepare for My return.

Your dear Jesus


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