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Enter with Me

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi

December 24, 1997

The Holy Night

"Enter with me, beloved sons, into the cave where, on this holy night, my divine Child is born. Do not be disturbed by its squalor; do not be dismayed by its poverty; do not be saddened by its solitude. This cave is a sweet shelter for our weariness; it is a safe refuge for our pilgrimage; it is a cradle chosen by the Heavenly Father for the human birth of his only-begotten Son.

Enter with me into the cave in silence and in an act of profound adoration. The Eternal Word of the Father is born to his human life; He is placed in a manger; He is glorified by the angels, adored by the shepherds, comforted and loved by me, his Virgin Mother, and by my most chaste spouse, Joseph.

Understand, beloved sons, how much God has loved the world, so as to give it his very own Son. Contemplate with astonishment the manger: the Son of God has chosen to be born in poverty, in humility, in solitude, in pain and in tears.

Feel with me the intense desire to cover Him with every kind of gratitude; warm Him with the kiss of your priestly love; clothe Him with the white garments of your virtues; wipe away his tears with the precious linen of your immolation; adore Him together with the shepherds, with the purity of your prayer; clasp Him to your heart as your only and greatest treasure.

Enter with me into this dark cave, if you wish to share in the splendor of his divine dwelling.

Enter with me into the fullness of time. This holy night brings time to its fullness. The time has been ordained by God in which to prepare for the human birth of the Son. From Adam to Noah, from Abraham to David, from the patriarchs and the prophets, time has been marked by a long and ardent waiting for his coming.

On this holy night, the time of the first Advent is fulfilled, because a Child is born to you, Emmanuel, God-with-us. The very Son of God shares in the human fragility, which becomes apparent in a particular way in his birth, in his growth, in his adolescence, and in his youth. He carries the burden of all sufferings and offers Himself, as a gentle lamb, in his cruel Sacrifice for your redemption and your salvation.

Humanity is redeemed; man is saved; time reaches its apex when it marks the precious moment of universal redemption. As of this night, a new journey begins for humanity, illuminated by the hope and expectation of his second coming in glory.

Enter with me into the fullness of time, which will take place when Jesus returns in the splendor of his divine glory. This, his first coming, will reach its full significance only at his second coming. This holy night is ordained to the radiant day that will have no dusk.

My divine Child, whom you now contemplate in the manger and who cries and shivers from the cold, will one day return in the power of his divine glory and will bring time and history to its fullness. Time and history will reach their completion; with his divine and glorious presence, He will make all things new

You are living out the mystery of this second Advent, which is preparing you to receive Jesus, when He returns to you on the clouds of heaven. Only then will the second Advent through which you are living reach its fulfillment. Then time will attain its fullness. Then will the Immaculate Heart of your heavenly Mother attain her triumph, in the definitive and glorious triumph of her Son Jesus.

Enter with me into the fullness of time, and prepare yourselves to live the Great jubilee, for which my Pope* is preparing you, which will cause the ineffable light of the Divine and Most Holy Trinity to come down upon the world."

* Our Lady refers to Pope St. John Paul II over and over to Fr. Gobbi that the former is "her pope." He was obviously especially dear to her Heart.


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