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“waiting for the Church”

Updated: May 23

Messages from Our Lady to Eduardo Ferreira


May 13, 2024

My children, today I invite you to pray for peace.

I wish peace for all of you.

On this day of prayer, I also invite you to pray for the Church.

Pray for my sons, the priests.

Children, do not lose heart.

I repeat: in front of difficulties, pray!

Pray in the family.

There may be dialogue in your homes.

Respect each other.

Love your neighbor.

I am your Mother and I come to stay among you.

Put into practice the requests I made here.

God calls you by name.

Open your hearts.

I call each one of you to this Sanctuary.

I am happy when I see my children close to me.

I bless you with love.


May 12, 2024


Dear children, on this day, I invite you to pray for peace in your hearts.

Pray also for the priests.

It would be so beautiful if the Church had been here from the beginning to the end, to record the wonders that my Divine Son is accomplishing.

These are graces which many faithful are missing out on, waiting for the Church to decide.

Pray, my children.

Don’t let this grace slip away in your lives.

I come to this city to bring you to my beloved Son Jesus.

Pray for the priests.

Pray for the bishops of this Nation. [Brazil]

Your prayers are very important to God’s plans in this Country.

Remember: I am here to form a large family of prayer.

I would be very happy for my chosen sons, the priests, to help the faithful to have a holier life, a life of prayer, a life turned to God.

But for this to happen it is necessary for you, my children, to start praying for the priests.

Pray gladly.

Pray with trust.

Love the priests – pray for them.

I am the Mystic Rose, the Mother of the Church.

I bless you with love.


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