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“Dear friends, it is not relative. There is only one truth of faith.”

Message from Jesus to Manuela Strack

Apparition of the King of Mercy on March 25, 2023, above the Maria Annuntiata fountain with rain of lilies.

(Official Translation)

A large golden sphere of light floats in the sky above us. Seven smaller spheres of light accompany the large golden sphere of light. The large sphere of light opens and we are all immersed in a wonderful golden light. A reddish light also comes out of this sphere and enshrouds us. The merciful infant Jesus emerges from the large sphere of light in Prague form. The King of Mercy wears a large golden crown, a dark blue robe and a dark blue mantle. The robe and mantle are embroidered with golden lilies. In His right hand the heavenly King holds a large golden scepter, and in His left hand the Vulgate, the Holy Scriptures. Now the other seven spheres of light open. The light shines down to us. Seven angels, dressed in simple white robes, emerge from the seven spheres of light. The angels take the mantle of the infant Jesus and spread it wide over us like a tent while singing: “Et Verbum caro factum est, et verbum caro factum est, et verbum caro factum est, et habitavit in nobis!” Now the angels look at us and let white lily blossoms drop on us all. It is a rain of lilies that falls on us. The pilgrims around me smell the scent of lilies and joyfully exclaim their experience. The heavenly King looks at us and especially at the children present and He is very happy.

The King of Mercy says:

“In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. The Son – that is Me, dear friends. I am happy that you came; that you prayed for reparation before the Eternal Father. Today is Sievernich’s festival day. My most holy Mother came to you and prepared the way for Me. Today I give you My graces.”

The gracious infant Jesus comes closer to us and says:

“How often has My most holy Mother called to the people? How often has She appeared on earth? And yet your hearts harden and your ears remain closed. But I come to those that are mine. My sheep shall not perish. Open your heart to My Word, to the Holy Scriptures.”

The Holy Scriptures open in the hand of the infant Jesus. I see the Bible passage Jeremiah 32:29-44. A radiant light emanates from the Holy Scriptures to us.

A personal communication was made.

The King of Mercy takes His scepter to His Heart and it becomes the aspergill of His Precious Blood. He blesses and sprinkles us with His Precious Blood – “In the name of the Father and of the Son—that is Me—and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.” Similarly, those far away who think of Him will be sprinkled with His Precious Blood. This is what the King of Mercy says. He goes on to say:

“Have no fear! Do not get discouraged, for I am with you. Do not go astray! Remain faithful to the word of the Father, the word of the fathers of faith. There have always been demons who want to bring people down. This is not new, dear friends! Live in the sacraments of My Church! What Michael said to you is essential: bear witness, become witnesses of faith! My word is the word of the eternal Father. It applies forever! Dear friends, it is not relative. There is only one truth of faith. My apostles protected My word and the word of the Eternal Father. It was sacred to them. They never changed it, but passed it on faithfully. So you should do this too. This is My order to you. Stay faithful! Adieu!”

M.: “Goodbye, Lord!”

The King of Mercy goes back into the light and asks us to pray the following:

“O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are most in need of Your mercy.”

The angels now return into the light. The Lord and the angels disappear. I see that the basket containing the letters with people’s prayer requests is covered with many white lily flowers.




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