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Actual Words of Fr. Michel Rodrigue Versus...

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

A large number of fake messages have been put out regarding this authentic messenger. As usual, the likely culprit is The New World Order but it is hard to prove, I suppose. In any case, these incredibly sensational videos (not interviews or messages put out by Fr. Michel Rodrigue, who does not even have a website) have been made with Artificial Intelligence [AI] and are all on YouTube. The goal is to defame him by creating ridiculous videos with dates included as to when this or that end times event is to happen. When the date passes and nothing happens, people therefore conclude that he is a fraud. It's pretty simple ... and very effective unfortunately. Thus, his name has been dragged through the mud by his enemies/the enemies of God.

He is a simple priest from Quebec, and this could be a reason he has been hit the hardest with this type of warfare. Quebec used to be the most devout province in Canada, but for various reasons, it fell from a great height and now is about 100% godless, profoundly anti-Catholic, blasphemous, and sophisticated. So these attributes may account for this attack style. With Christina Gallagher, the attacks have been primarily through the press. With John Leary, the attacks have been primarily Internet slander by those who say the messages given to him are too crazy to believe or are condemned by his bishop -- neither of which are true. The devil attacks what harms him and his work the most, and authentic messengers are near the top since the messages are the actual words of God, Mary, angels, or saints, and thus very defeating for him.

So on this website,, only authentic Fr. Michel messages or interviews are promoted. He really does not make his messages public for the most part; God has him wearing a few hats at once. I am completely convinced of his authenticity. Below is a recent, six-minute interview of him; just click on it:


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