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Attempt is Made on John Leary's Life

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

July 30, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I was speaking about the greatest treasure of all that you are seeking in Me, as you received Me in Holy Communion. You are thankful that you can receive Me into your hearts and souls. I tell you I am that Treasure you store in your hearts. All other earthly treasures are but chaff that the wind blows away. I love all of you, and you love Me as well. Hold Me close to your heart throughout your lives. Come to Confession frequently so you can keep your souls pure and free of sin. By following My laws, you will inherit My Kingdom in heaven. Reach out to convert as many souls as you can, for such conversions are the true meaningful miracles.”

St. Anne said: “My dear children, I thank all of you for coming to my shrine here at Cormac to celebrate my feast day. I am your Grandma ma and I love all of you so much. I watch over all of My children, and you were fortunate to hear Bishop Guy share the old miracles that were received through my intercession with Jesus. It is ultimately Jesus who heals people. It is we intercessors who direct the intentions to my Grandson, Jesus. Thank you again for attending this healing Mass. I am praying for your safety as you are returning home.”

Jesus said: “My son, I know you are praying for every soul in your family to be saved, because just like Me, you do not want to see one soul lost to hell. You are praying your fourth rosary every day for this intention. You also want them to come to Sunday Mass and Confession. I assure you that I will give you one opportunity to talk to each member of your family during the Conversion time. Then you can plead for their souls and hopefully they will listen to you so they can be saved. Be thankful that you will be able to witness My love for them, and that I am inviting them to eternal life with Me in heaven.”

N.B. When we left our friend’s house in her van for St. Anne’s Mass, someone had stuffed a rope up her tailpipe with an apparent attempt to poison us with carbon monoxide. Later, as we were getting gas, a person at the gas station told our friend that there was a rope hanging out from the tailpipe. Our friend pulled the rope out with an extra effort and it was a blond, stringy rope that she discarded. Our friend was opening her window several times to give us fresh air while we prayed our rosaries.


[Webmaster: I think anyone who does not believe John Leary is authentic has to ask himself or herself why they are trying to kill him. You need only to look to the Biblical prophets and Jesus for that answer. My opinion is that this was clearly an orchestrated attempt on the part of the New World Order. (Freemasons, for example, are masters at killing secretly; to go from the 32nd to the 33rd degree you have to kill someone ... and get away with it.) The New World Order regularly take John Leary's website down. Jesus is revealing their dark secrets on almost a daily basis and they don't appreciate that. John Leary was told in a message once that he might be a martyr. So it is extremely unlikely this would-be assailant (or assailants) was not connected to the one world people. The good thing is that it will be impossible for them to kill him because recent messages have said that John and his wife, Carol, will bilocate to many other refuges to go over with them the messages received by John. If this couple was in heaven it would not be bilocation. The one world people once sent an elite Blackhawk Helicopter to hover directly over their home for a time one night (Carol waved to them! and they knocked out John's car battery with an electromagnetic pulse before flying away), and men in black once sat in the extreme back of the church during one their earlier prayer group meetings (as I recall, they left after a cop or ex-cop in the prayer group went up to them afterward; he recognized them -- God must have a sense of humor!) All of this was to scare and intimidate them. They know these messages are full of their secrets. Praise God! He is ultimately in control, which is why this picture was chosen.]


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