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Advent Message from Jesus to John Leary

December 1, 2022 Jesus said: “My people, the evil ones are planning to strike your money and possibly cause another shutdown with another virus or flu. Have your refuges ready for when I will call you to come. The evil one world people are led by Satan, and their goal is to take over America into a communist state to control you in preparation for the Antichrist’s coming. They will force a Real ID on you for planes and travel. These evil ones will control every facet of your life, especially with the mark of the beast or a computer chip in your body. Refuse to take the chip in the body, and refuse to take any Covid or flu shots that could kill you. This is another part of their plan to reduce the population. When your lives are threatened, I will call you to My refuges.” [N.B. Pushed back deadline for Real ID from 5-3-23 to 5-7-25] Prayer Group: Jesus said: “My son, you are putting up your Nativity scenes both outside and inside as you prepare for another celebration of My birth at Christmas. Advent is not just a change from green to purple, but it is similar to Lent when you pray more and do penances. Try to get to Confession before Christmas so your souls are ready to receive Me. You also are preparing to celebrate My Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Conception feast on December 8th. Remember the Hour of Grace on that day.” Jesus said: “My people, you are reading from Isaiah and St. Matthew’s Gospel as you start Advent. The Jewish people had many prophets that talked about Emanuel and a Messiah-Savior who was promised to make amends for the sin of Adam and Eve. I came as a little child in Bethlehem because I am a Son of David. The Jewish people waited many years for Me to come as a God-man. It is My death and Resurrection that conquered sin and death. It is My suffering that atoned for your sins and I opened the gates of heaven to worthy souls. Now souls, who were cleansed, can enter heaven.” Jesus said: “My people, you read in the Scriptures how the Magi-Kings brought Me gold, frankincense, and myrrh to honor My Kingship. Many of you also go to the stores to buy gifts that you share with your family and your relatives. The Christmas spirit of joy and peace is shared with many people in this season of Advent. You are celebrating My coming to earth 2,000 years ago, but you are also promised that I will come again to bring My judgment on the people of the earth. So be prepared to meet Me with a clean soul. I love all of you, and I am coming to bring My victory over all of the evil people and the demons who will be cast into hell.” Jesus said: “My people, I am King in heaven and the universe, but I was born in a stable where I was placed in a creche. Some people thought I would come to deliver Israel from the Romans, but instead I came as a son of a carpenter, and I came to suffer a painful death to bring salvation to all souls who will accept Me. I am forgiving your original sin and your actual sins in Confession. Have the parents baptize their children so they can be members of My Church.” Jesus said: “My people, you can offer up your prayers to Me at My altar as you prepare for My coming at Christmas when you commemorate My birth. My parents had to travel a distance to Bethlehem for the census of Caesar. It was prophesied that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem as the House of David, according to Micah the prophet. It was also prophesied that I would be born to a virgin in the Blessed Mother, all according to God’s plan. Rejoice that you have been chosen as one of My faithful.” Jesus said: “My people, you are following the traditions of My Church to celebrate My birth on December 25th. Advent days are only celebrated for about four weeks which passes quickly. Try to set aside some quiet time so you can tell Me how much you love Me in your prayers and Masses. Try to perform some good deeds for your neighbor to share your love for them and for Me in them. Advent is a prayerful and joyful time, so keep My Name in Christmas as your car magnets proclaim. Thank you for putting these magnets on your cars to show My love for all of mankind.” Jesus said: “My people, I truly thank My believers who are placing their Nativity scenes on their porches. There are atheists and people who do not believe in Me, who may be offended to see these Nativity scenes on your porches. But do not let people try to discourage your tribute to Me. You could see more vigorous attacks against your Nativity displays as there are more people who do not want to believe in Me and Satan has turned their hearts against Me. I told you that there will be more persecutions coming against Christians as you will be shunned and even imprisoned for believing in Me. Trust in Me that I will protect My people from harm, but there will be some martyrs of My faithful in the end times.”


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