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A Great Net of Love

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi

January 22, 1980

"Walk in trust.

The times foretold by me have come, and so you must leave to me all preoccupation.

I am your heavenly Mother, and I am at the side of each one of you.

I am protecting and leading you.

I am sheltering and defending you. Do not be worried about what is going to happen to you, because everything has already been arranged in my motherly Heart.

Humanity is now on the brink of that destruction which it could bring upon itself by its own hand. Indeed, that which was predicted to you by me at Fatima, concerning the final closing of this age of yours, has already begun.

How can I any longer hold back the hand of divine justice, when the perversion which humanity has reached, as it walks along the road of obstinate rebellion against God, becomes greater day by day? How many nations could be involved and how many people killed, while many others would have to undergo unspeakable sufferings!

Famine, fire and great destruction: this is what the scourge, which is about to strike humanity, will bring you!

Beloved sons, heed, all of you, my urgent request; because my Immaculate Heart trembles: it is in anguish at the fate which awaits you.

Pray more and more.

Pray together with me, through the recitation of the holy rosary.

Pray and do penance that the times be shortened, and that the greatest possible number of my children may be eternally saved.

Pray that suffering may serve to convert all those who have strayed far from God.

Pray that you may never doubt the love of the Father, who always watches over you and provides for you, and makes use of suffering as a means of healing you from the sickness of corruption, of infidelity, of rebellion, of impurity, of atheism.

I now ask you for more prayer.

Multiply your cenacles of prayer.

Multiply your rosaries, recited well and in union with me. Offer me also your suffering and your penance.

I ask you for prayer and penance for the conversion of sinners, that even my most rebellious and most distant children may return to God, who awaits them with the merciful eagerness of a Father.

And then, together we will form a great net of love that will envelop and save the whole world.

Thus my motherly and supreme intervention can be extended everywhere, for the salvation of all who have gone astray."​

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