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The Time of the Great Trial

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi

January 1, 1993

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

"My beloved ones and children consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, today you are living spiritually united in the solemn liturgical observance of my Divine Maternity.

I am the true Mother of God. The Word of the Father has assumed human nature in my virginal womb and has become your Brother. On the Cross, a few moments before He died, Jesus entrusted to me this humanity which had been redeemed and saved by Him.

I have thus become the Mother of all humanity. It is in virtue of my role as Mother of God and of humanity that I am intervening in your life, in the life of the Church and in the life of humanity, to assist you in carrying out the designs of the Heavenly Father, by responding to the gift which my Son Jesus made to you and by seconding with docility the action of the Holy Spirit.

As Mother, I am always close to you, to the Church and to humanity, in order to lead you along the way of the fulfillment of the Father's Will, of the imitation of the Son, and of communion with the Spirit of Love, in such a way that the Most Holy and Divine Trinity may be more and more glorified.

The fountain of your joy and your peace is to be found in the perfect glorification of the Most Holy Trinity. Peace is given you by the Father, shared with you by the Son, and becomes communicated to you by the Holy Spirit.

The Father has indeed so loved the world that He has given his only-begotten Son. The Son Himself is the peace which is communicated to the world. The Holy Spirit brings you to that love from which alone peace can spring.

The Evil One, Satan, the ancient serpent, the great Dragon, has always acted and works in all kinds of ways to take away the precious blessing of peace from you, from the Church and from humanity. It enters then into my function as Mother to bring you all to a great communion of life with God, so that you may have the sweet experience of love and of peace.

Never as in your days has peace been so threatened, because the struggle of my Adversary against God is becoming stronger and stronger, more insidious, continual and universal.

You have thus entered into the time of the great trial.

The great trial has come for all of you, my poor children, so threatened by Satan and stricken by the evil spirits. The danger you are in is that of losing grace and the communion of life with God, which my Son Jesus obtained for you at the moment of redemption, when He delivered you from slavery to the Evil One and set you free from sin.

Now sin is no longer considered an evil; indeed, it is often exalted as a thing of value and as something good. Under the perfidious influence of the mass media, the awareness of sin as an evil has been gradually lost. Thus it is committed and justified more and more and is no longer confessed.

If you live in sin, you return again to slavery under Satan, subjected to his wicked power, and thus the gift of redemption which Jesus accomplished for you is made useless. Thus peace disappears from your hearts, from your souls and from your life.

O my children, so threatened and so ill, accept my motherly urging to return to the Lord along the way of conversion and of repentance. Recognize sin as the greatest of evils, as the source of all individual and social evils. Never live in sin. If you should happen to commit it out of human weakness, or through the subtle temptations of the Evil One, have recourse quickly to confession. Let frequent confession be the remedy which you make use of against the spread of sin and evil.

You then live in great communion of love and of life with the Most Holy Trinity, who takes up its dwelling in you and who is more and more glorified by you.

The great trial has come for the Church, so violated by the evil spirits, so divided in its unity, so darkened in its holiness. See how error has flooded throughout it, error which leads to the loss of the true faith. Apostasy is spreading everywhere.

A special gift of my Immaculate Heart for these times of yours is the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which my Pope has wished to promulgate, to be as it were his shining last testament. But how many are those pastors who grope about in the mist, become speechless out of fear or compromise, and who no longer defend their flocks from the many rapacious wolves!

Many priestly and consecrated lives have become dried up by impurity, seduced by pleasures and the search for comfort and well-being. The faithful are being drawn in by the enticements of a world which has become pagan, or by the countless sects which are spreading more and more.

The hour of its great trial has above all come for the Church, because it will be shaken by the lack of faith, obscured by apostasy, wounded by betrayal, abandoned by its children, divided by schisms, possessed and dominated by Freemasonry, turned into fertile soil from which will spring up the wicked tree of the man of iniquity, the Antichrist, who will bring his kingdom into its interior.

The great trial has come for all humanity, already lacerated by spreading violence, by destructive hatred, by wars which are expanding menacingly, by great ills which no one is able to heal.

At the dawn of this new year, the threat of a terrible third world war is becoming stronger and more worrisome. How many people will have to suffer the scourge of hunger, of famine, of discord, and of fratricidal struggles which will spill much blood on your roads.

If the time of the great trial has come, the time has come also for all to hasten into the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart. Do not lose courage. Be strong in trust and confidence. I have told you beforehand of the times which await you, painful and difficult times, precisely in order to help you live in trust and in a great confidence in your heavenly Mother.

The further you enter into the time of the great trial, the more will you experience, in an extraordinary way, my motherly presence close to you, to help, defend, protect and console you, and to prepare for you new days of serenity and peace.

In the end, after the time of the great trial, there awaits you the time of great peace, great joy, great holiness, the time of the greatest triumph of God in your midst.

Pray with me on this, my feast day, and live in that expectation which sweetens the bitterness of your daily suffering. Today I am spreading my mantle over you to shelter you, as does a mother hen with her chicks, and I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."​

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