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“the Great Reset that is about to be forced on your people”

Messages from Jesus to John Leary

December 18, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, an angel was sent to St. Joseph in a dream to tell him that it was by the power of the Holy Spirit that the Blessed Mother conceived Me.  This changed St. Joseph’s plans because the angel told him to take his wife into his home.  So St. Joseph did what the angel had told him. Thus My Blessed Mother could be the virgin who conceived Me and later gave birth to Me on Christmas.  I am the first-born Son, unblemished by sin, and I saved My people from their sins.  This week of the Octave of Christmas is a special time in My Church year as you prepare for the Christmas Season.  Rejoice that I came on the earth to sacrifice My life for all the sins of mankind.”

Jesus said: “My people, just as you saw people hiding in an attic, so My faithful will be hiding at their refuges.  But the angels will put a shield of invisibility over My refuges so no one can see you.  Refuge life will be more difficult than people think.  I will be protecting My refuges from the evil ones, but your refuge builders will need to provide for your needs.  I will help My faithful by multiplying their food, water, and fuels.  You will need to trust in Me to provide for your survival.”

December 17, 2023: (Third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday)

Jesus said: “My son, you are well aware of where I was baptized by St. John the Baptist because you traveled to Israel at the Jordan River.  The Gospel [Mass reading] is all about St. John the Baptist, who prepared My way and he was My cousin.  Isaiah foretold his coming: (Is. 40:3) ‘The voice of one crying in the desert, “Make ready the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.”’ You, My son, are also helping to prepare My way for My Second Coming.  I have given you messages to trust in My protection of My faithful at My refuges throughout the coming tribulation of the Antichrist.  After My victory over the evil ones, they will be cast into hell.  Then I will raise up My faithful and bring you into My Era of Peace and later into heaven.”

December 16, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, the Jewish people were prepared for Elijah’s return.  They even left an empty place for him at the Seder Supper.  St. John the Baptist prepared My way in the desert, but he was beheaded by Herod.  You have a short week for the Fourth Sunday of Advent because Christmas falls on the Monday of that week.  You are a short time from My feast day on Christmas, so be prepared in your soul.  Just as you approach the shortest day on December 21, you start to see the longer days after Christmas as My Light will increase.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of the multiplication of the bread and fish is a sign of the consecrated Manna that I give you in Holy Communion.  The priest consecrates the Hosts so you can share in My Real Presence.  When you come to Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance, you are giving Me praise and thanks for My gift to you.  In Holy Communion you do not always have much time to be with Me.  When you make a Holy Hour adoring My Blessed Sacrament, you have more time to appreciate My being with you.  You give Me praise and read your Nocturnal prayers in front of Me in the monstrance.  I love you so much to come and visit with Me in your Holy Hour.”

December 15, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing in the vision of a tornado how you will be drawn to Me for your life review in your Warning experience.  You will come through this tunnel very fast and this could frighten some people.  Your best preparation for the Warning is to come to frequent Confession so you will have less unforgiven sins.  You will all experience the destination of your mini-judgment so you can see how I look at your life.  After the Warning you will have six weeks of Conversion in a time without any evil influence.  You will have an opportunity to digest your own Warning, and then you could help your family to be true believers in Me.  My faithful will be prepared to come to My refuges after the six weeks of Conversion.  I will call My faithful to My refuges with My inner locution.  At My refuges you will be protected from the Antichrist and the evil ones, and you will have My angels provide for your needs.”

Jesus said: “My people, Biden is ruining your country with his open border policy.  It is about time that the Speaker of the House is not going to give any more money to the Ukraine until something is done to stop the invasion of millions of illegal immigrants in the South.  Your Congress should have been fighting your open border years ago.  You are seeing so much damage by your open border.  It is long overdue to fight to close your border.  Biden should be impeached and removed from office for the treason of taking money from China, Russia, and the Ukraine.  Biden and his people are violating your Constitution and your border laws in allowing anyone to enter without any restrictions.  Pray that all of this treason can be brought to justice.”

December 14, 2023: (St. John of the Cross)

Jesus said: “My son, you remember well when Fr. Klem, your first spiritual director, talked about St. John of the Cross in reference to your gift of messages from Me.  Fr. Klem said your gift could be from Me, the devil, or your imagination.  You have had so many confirmations and miracles over the years to prove to you and others that these messages have come from Me.  You must admit that your memory could not produce all of the thoughts that I give you, and the Holy Spirit enables you to write these visions and messages down.  This is a grace that I have given you with a mission to prepare My faithful for the coming tribulation in My refuges.  I also have given you a second mission to prepare your own refuge with all of the preparations that I have instructed you to get in order to provide for the needs of the people whom I will direct to your refuge.  You realize My miracles and angels will be with you when St. Joseph will build a high rise building and church for 5,000 people.  When you see this carried out, the people will be true believers in My miracles.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My son, St. Joseph told you he would build a high rise building and a large church for 5,000 people.  You are being graced to see this coming church and the big tabernacle in the middle of the altar.  Give praise and thanks to Me and St. Joseph who will build these buildings in one day in your backyard.  It may take up some of the land of your neighbors.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is unfortunate that Hamas fighters are hiding behind their own people.  The war between Israel and Hamas is destroying many buildings, even as Israel is trying to root out Hamas from their many tunnels.  Many Palestinians are being killed as collateral damage in this war.  Some food is being delivered, but it is not enough to feed all of the people.  Pray that this war could be concluded.”

Jesus said: “My people, the Republicans want aid money to stop the illegal immigrants from coming into your country in the Southern and the Northern borders before they send any more money to the Ukraine.  The House of Representatives is refusing any aid to the Ukraine unless the borders are fixed in your country.  This open border by Biden is destroying your country, and it needs to be closed.  Pray that some help will be given to close your borders.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is good that you come to visit your family members for the holidays of Christmas and New Year’s Day.  You exchange gifts and have family dinners.  It is good to keep in touch with out-of-town relatives, even if it is by Christmas cards.  You can even have Zoom calls to join your families when it is expensive to travel far.  I love all of My people, and you need to share your love with your family and friends.”

Jesus said: “My son, you rarely get to see your daughter, Jeanette, but now they are only five hours away in Pennsylvania instead of eight hours when they lived in Virginia.  It is a joy to have your whole family come together.  You need to travel to their house at another time.  Pray for your family’s safe travel as you long to see them.”

Jesus said: “My people, both a pandemic virus and the digital dollar are all a part of the Great Reset that is about to be forced on your people.  You will also see a coming persecution of Christians because the evil ones are in league with the devil and the Antichrist.  You will see the Warning and a Conversion time come before the Antichrist declares himself.  I will warn My faithful when it is time to come to the safety of My refuges.  You, My son, have been preparing your refuge to accept people coming to your refuge so they can have beds, food, water, and fuels.  You have fuels for heating and cooking.  Trust in My angels to protect you from the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My son, all of your solar generators, solar panels, and lamps have been delivered to your refuge.  You are testing them now to see how long the batteries could operate when running your lights at night.  You need to practice using your new solar panels to see how long it would take to recharge your batteries.  You can keep them charged up with your current house electricity so they are ready to light your newly purchased lamps.  Your new lights give much better light than your pull-up lanterns that do not last long.  Trust in Me and My angels to provide for all of your needs during the coming tribulation.”

December 13, 2023: (St. Lucy)

Jesus said: “My people, the martyrs for the faith have a high place in heaven.  Even those faithful who have a dry martyrdom are suffering from oppression because they do not want to deny Me against your modern world and its fame and riches.  Seek first the Kingdom of God and all that you need will be given to you.  You will see that the Antichrist and his evil followers will persecute My true Church, but I will protect My faithful in hiding at My refuges.  My angels will protect you and provide for your needs.  My refuge builders will be healed by My angels, and they will finish up their preparations so they can receive My believers.  Trust in Me to lead you all on the right path to heaven, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have seen how Chinese hackers are trying to stop your infrastructure needed to defend Taiwan.  You have already heard of many attacks on your infrastructure from Chinese hackers.  You could see several atomic bombs exploded in the upper atmosphere that could destroy your grid and stop your vehicles.  You have also seen several sabotage attacks on critical substations that could take down parts of your grid.  You have seen tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods that have caused power outages.  Even strong sun flares can interfere with your communications.  When you see the Great Reset takeover come, then people in control could shut down your grid to immobilize your people.  This is why you have put up an on-grid solar system and an off-grid solar system to provide electricity when the grid goes down.  You also have several solar generators with batteries and solar panels to provide lights at night, especially in the winter.  It is difficult to see at night without lights, so lighting at night is crucial.  You have read several accounts that if your National Grid was down for a year, that you could see 90% of your population die from starvation.  So trust in Me to call you to My refuges so you can have food, water, and your fuels multiplied, and My angels will protect you from the evil ones.”



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