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“The evil ones who are running your country are worshiping Satan”

Messages from Jesus to John Leary

October 24, 2023: (St. Anthony Mary Claret)

Jesus said: “My people, war is all about death and destruction as Hamas and Israel keep sending missiles at each other. Israel has spoken how they want to invade Gaza, but their army has not moved yet. It is hard to fight in the streets, so Israel has chosen to continue their bombing from planes and missiles. There are skirmishes in the North but no invasion by Hezbollah. There are also some attacks on your troops [U.S.A.] in Iraq and Syria. You have a tinderbox of possible war continuing in the Middle East as armies are ready to engage in more war. The presence of America’s ships and Marines has held up any invasion. Pray that this war will subside, or more people could be killed on both sides.”

October 23, 2023: (St. John of Capistrano)

Jesus said: “My people, I am gracious and I share My infinite graces with you every day. At daily Mass I am sharing My Real Presence with you in Holy Communion. The Gospel is a parable about a rich man who stored up his grain in big barns, but his life would be lost that night, and to whom would all his treasure go? This is true in life that you need to share your wealth with those who are poor and in need of food and a place to stay. You have local food shelves to which you could contribute money, food, and clothing. It is also good that you receive Social Security payments for the elderly and Welfare for those people who cannot work or are without a job. Even those people who have chronic diseases need help as well. Many older parents are staying with their children for support and help with food and medications. It is not enough to share your money, but sometimes you may be asked to help your family members with housing and food. Be willing to share what you have, just as I give you help in your life’s needs.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you in previous messages how you will see Christians persecuted just as they are mistreated in communist countries. The evil ones who are running your country are worshiping Satan, and they will do everything to put down anyone who speaks about Me. My son, you are being protected for now by My angels, so My Word can be shouted from the rooftops. You are seeing wars and rumors of wars as a sign of the end times. Many innocent people are being silenced for speaking out about Me, and for speaking about vaccines and cheating elections. The devil and his worshipers hate the truth and they lie to deceive people into sin. This is why the evil ones use the media to drown out the truth, and they never compromise their evil ways. Pray for My protection, even if you need to come to My refuges for My angel protection.”

October 22, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, I have called you by name to share My words, so people will be converted and believe in Me. In the Gospel you are seeing the Pharisees trying to test Me in My speech, but I confounded them when they asked Me if they should pay the census tax or not. So I told them to give to Caesar what belongs to him and give to God what belongs to Me. I called them hypocrites because the Pharisees wanted to get rid of Me because My miracles were drawing many people to Me. You have a similar problem in your society when the evil ones are trying to put down anyone who tells the truth about vaccines, voting, wars, and your country’s finances. But trust in Me to protect you and lead you on the right path to heaven.”

October 21, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, I desire that all of My faithful should remain strong in their faith even if they are faced with death. Do not turn away from Me for any reason. It is your faith that will save you from the coming tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you some messages that the Warning would come most likely in the football season of some year. It is better to come to Confession every month so you are prepared for the coming Warning. You would have less unforgiven sins in your life review. You can also keep up your four rosaries and your Divine Mercy Chaplet for the souls you are praying for in your family. Keep praying your fourth rosary for your family to convert themselves to belief in Me during the six weeks of Conversion. I love My people, and you need to be prepared when I will bring My Warning and My six weeks of Conversion. With your days getting shorter, you are moving closer to My end time readings at Mass. Give praise and thanks to Me for all that I do for you.”

October 20, 2023: (St. Paul of the Cross)

Jesus said: “My son, I thank you for visiting Me in Adoration most nights so I can be a part of your everyday prayers. You receive messages from Me when you receive Holy Communion, and you see Me in Adoration. Centering your life around Me shows Me your sincere love, and a willingness to carry out your mission. I know how you follow My directions whenever I ask you to do something. Keep focused on helping people to have a stronger faith. It is important for all of your family and friends to be believers in Me so they can enter My refuges. You have a lot of distractions from the world, but during the six weeks of the Conversion time, you will have an opportunity to make more souls believe in Me. Pray for your family’s souls that they will believe in Me at that time.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have read how much I suffered at the pillar, carrying My cross, and dying on the cross. This was My Divine Sacrifice to save souls from their sins. When you have your Warning experience, you will see how much your sins offended Me. For those souls who love Me and seek My forgiveness – I will forgive them, and I will bring them to heaven. But for those souls who reject Me and do not love Me – they are choosing hell by their own free will. So stay close to Me in your prayers, your Confession, and your daily Mass and Holy Communion. My true faithful will be protected at My refuges and you will have your reward in My Era of Peace, and later in heaven.”

October 19, 2023: (St. Isaac Jogues and Companions)

Jesus said: “My people, when you see the leaves falling on the ground, it is a sign of the end of the year, as winter is approaching. In the coming weeks you will be reading the end time Gospels that prepare you for My coming and the cleansing of the evil ones who will be defeated. You only have to endure the short reign of the Antichrist’s tribulation. I am preparing My refuges with My refuge builders all over the world. Have no fear of the evil ones because their power will be diminishing. Pray for My angel protection that My faithful can come to My refuges for their protection. Once My people see My miracles, you will believe in My multiplication of your food, water, and fuels. This will assure you of My Real Presence at every refuge that will have My Perpetual Adoration throughout the whole tribulation. Give praise and thanks to Me for providing for your protection and for your needs.”

Prayer Group: Jesus said: “My people, I thank you for displaying a picture and the bone relics of the North American Martyrs who have their feast today. These martyrs were brave to try and evangelize the Indians who killed the martyrs. You have been to the three crosses in Canada where you walked the six miles to the crosses. The accounts of these deaths were very gruesome. Pray for all missionaries and evangelists who are working to save souls.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have read of a visionary who talked about boiling Hawthorn leaves and flowers to help ward off a coming new pandemic virus by making a tea. By drinking this tea three times a day, you could have an antidote for the next serious pandemic virus. This is another reason along with a war in Israel, that you need to stay home this October from traveling to any talks. Continue to spread My messages on your website and your Zoom programs.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are signs of small encounters between Hezbollah and the Israeli army in the north near Lebanon. Already the Israeli Army is planning to invade Gaza to try and defeat Hamas. If Hezbollah enters the war, it is possible this could involve American troops into this war. You already are committing two carrier groups and several thousand troops to support Israel. Pray for peace, even as this war appears to be expanding.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have factions of the House Republicans that are preventing an election of a Speaker over their own selfish reasons. It was one of these members who caused McCarthy to be voted out of being Speaker. It was the Democrats and the Freedom Caucus that was responsible for not having a Speaker. The House Republicans need to come together because they cannot vote on anything until a Speaker is elected. Pray that this divided party can elect a Speaker so your government can move forward on needed legislation.”

Jesus said: “My people, you saw this train wreck in the news and it is not certain what caused this accident. You could see some terrorist activity in America to counteract America’s involvement against Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah. America could see attacks on your infrastructure at home and against any of your troops that could be involved in this Israeli war. You are already supporting the Ukraine and Israel with weapons and ammunition. Pray that a world war does not result from these wars.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are some ways that Biden has given money to Hamas and Iran that has financed the terrorists’ attack on Israel. This American weakness is what has emboldened Iran and Russia to cause war against the Ukraine and Israel. There is also a plan to take America down by getting you involved in foreign wars. It is only by a strong America that these wars could be stopped from starting. Pray for a change in your open border policy and your poor foreign country policy.”

Jesus said: “My people, the one world people are behind your weak government because they want to take you over. Their plan is to make you a part of the North American Union so they could control your people and the world as well. Once America falls, you could see the one world people will give all of the Unions over to the power of the Antichrist, so he could declare himself and start the coming tribulation. Before the Antichrist has his reign, I will send My Warning and My six weeks of Conversion time. I will also call My faithful to My refuges for your protection from the evil ones. Trust in Me and My angels for your protection. At the end of the tribulation I will bring My victory over the evil ones and they will be cast into hell. I will provide for all of your needs during the tribulation, so have no fear.”

October 18, 2023: (St. Luke)

Jesus said: “My son, as you read in St. Luke’s Gospel, you have been living the life of one of My apostles, as you traveled from town to town, either driving in your van or flying in an airplane for 28 years. You stayed in one of your friend’s houses and you ate with them and in restaurants. You gave your talks about My messages on the end times, as you have prepared the people for My coming Warning and the six weeks of Conversion. You also spoke about preparing refuges where My angels will protect you during the coming tribulation. You even have prepared your own refuge as an example of independent living. Many refuge builders have followed your example. This is important for My faithful remnant to come to My refuges for their protection and My angels will provide for their needs. My refuges are a means to separate My good people from the evil ones. The refuges are like the ark that Noah built, so My faithful will be protected when I will bring My Comet of Chastisement that will kill the evil ones. Trust in Me for I will renew the earth and I will bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been seeing multiple earthquakes off the coast of Oregon. There are tectonic plates that come together in this location, and a stronger earthquake could trigger a tsunami which could inundate coastal cities. These people need to be on alert whenever earthquakes get higher than 4.0. The HAARP machine has caused some serious earthquakes as in Morocco that were severe along with a light in the sky. This is a signature of the HAARP being used. So be watchful of any lights in the sky at the same time as an earthquake.”


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