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Sr. Amapola – “For My Children Living in Exile”

Updated: May 29

Message from God the Father to Sr. Amapola

[Received in Spanish]

For My children who live in exile – write the following. 

My little children, children of My Heart. 

Your Father speaks to you to console you, to give you Peace, to give you Light to illuminate the darkness of the present times. 

You are living in exile, a most painful exile for it is not only the not being in My Paradise yet – in the places that I have prepared for you from all eternity, united in My Love – but it is also the feeling of being exiled from your families, from your friends, even from My own Church, living as exiles, without a place of your own. 

How many of you, My children, feel this way, abandoned, forgotten, ignored, and so wounded. 

Wounded by the world and the envy of Satan, wounded by your own actions and decisions. 

Children, look at your Father.  Look at the One Who wanted you to exist – in this moment – to receive His Love, His Grace, to learn how to live with Him now in order to be able to live with Him for all eternity. 

I, your Father, love you. 

And I see every effort you make to please Me, to love Me.  Each effort to believe Me and to follow what I ask of you.  Each effort to receive My Light, despite the pain that this might cause you at seeing the reality of your own soul and of the world you live in. 

I, your Father, listen to you. 

Always, children.  To each one of you.  I hear your reproaches, your doubts, your questions, your words of love and gratitude, your silent words that come forth from your hearts in adoration.  

I hear everything, children.  I appreciate everything, and I understand everything.  

I Am your Father. 

I speak to you so that you look at Me, children.  I speak to you so that you do not forget Me.  So that you remember Who is your God, and who you are for Me. 

I have said to you that I gather My Army now; that the Hour in which My Voice will rise up as thunder has arrived. 

That the trumpet that calls you to take your places in My Army is sounding. 

You have heard it in your hearts, and you have raised your heads to Heaven, you have turned your gaze to Me.  [smile]

Thank you, children. 

You who have listened to Me now – without proofs or visible signs – are like the little handful of yeast that ferments the whole dough. 

You have helped Me for years in a hidden way, offering Me your sacrifices, your pain at seeing Me abhorred, hated, forgotten; giving Me your Faith, your docility and love.  I have taken all of these offerings, My little children, each humiliation and trial, to help your brothers now. Nothing of what you have suffered in My Honor, out of love for Me, has been lost.  I have hidden this immense work from you in which you have helped Me – and your brothers – to remove the scales from their eyes, from their ears, and from their hearts, that they may be able to once again hear My Voice that calls them.

My children – I give these Words of Mine to you as a balm for your hearts, so that you remember that everything that you offer to Me with Love, with pain – everything is useful.  Your Faith and My Action make it infinitely useful. 

Give everything to Me.  EVERYTHING.  I receive it in My Heart and there I make it fruitful, beneficial. 

Give Me all your pain, children, the anguish that envelops your hearts at seeing the devastation of My vineyard. 

Unite your pain to Mine. 

Look at Me and do not fear. 

I Am your Father, your Abba, and your GOD.  And soon, My children, your God will arise in such a way that all that exists will acknowledge that I AM GOD.  THERE IS NO OTHER. 


Terrible Hour and Hour full of Grace. 

The blessed Hour, the Hour of My last Mercy before the great battle that will leave Satan and his cohorts defeated, and that will open the great renewal of all My creation – the new heavens and the new earth. 

My children – so many of you ask yourselves and try to understand the how and when of what I have announced in different places and at different times. 

I remind you, children, that your acts of Faith and of trust in Me are more valuable and produce a much greater fruit for your souls and the souls of your brothers, than the understanding with your reason of when and how the announced things will take place. 

I ask that you prepare yourselves, that you be attentive – but this preparation and this being attentive to My Voice is rooted in FAITH, children.  The luminous FAITH that envelopes and illuminates your whole being, and that allows you to see Me – recognize Me – even in the midst of the greatest darkness. 

What I need from you, My children, is your FAITH.  The FAITH that believes in what I say; that believes that all that I say to you is True, despite having everything around you tell you the opposite; despite your senses telling you something different. 

The FAITH that is ADORATION because it gives Me what is rightfully Mine as GOD and as your FATHER. 

The FAITH that is union with Me; that is the not separating your gaze from My Face, from My Love, from My Will. 

This FAITH, children, is your shield and your sword in the battle that draws near.  I have formed you, forged you, and I will continue to do so.  I have forged you in the crucible of My Will, with trial after trial – each time strengthening it more.  

Only I can form you in an indomitable FAITH.  But I need your trust.  I need you to place yourselves, to abandon yourselves, into My Hands – each day more than the previous one; each minute more than the one before – letting Me do and permit what is necessary to make of your weak FAITH an invincible FAITH. 


Give Me your trust. 

Set aside your criteria, your ideas, your reasonings.  Children, they are contaminated by the world and in many instances by your own pride instigated by Satan.  

To trust in Me also means to set aside all that you believe that I want, in order to receive what I truly want. [1] 

Allow Me to guide your thoughts according to My Light and My Will for each of you. 

Children, I do not ask that you understand, but rather that you listen to Me, that you receive Me, that you obey Me. 

In an instant I can make you understand the most profound mysteries.  But this would only be a gift from Me. 

But I want your cooperation, children, and this is why I ask you to walk in darkness, in the desert of the senses, where everything is fog for the senses, for the mind, because it is here that – by trusting that I Am guiding you, by obeying even though you do not understand and you feel afraid because you do not see Me or see My way – it is here, children, that I train you in the true and indomitable FAITH that unites you to Me. 

All the trials that I allow in your lives are so that through them you learn to BELIEVE ME – not just to believe in Me. 

Unsheathe your FAITH, children. 

Abandon yourselves to My Crucible and I will temper your FAITH in such a way that you will be capable of remaining standing in this Hour that is approaching.  This Hour that begins. 

FAITH, children, so that I can act. 

I want this radiant FAITH in each of My children.  I have lit it in your hearts and I have taken your offerings united to the Offering of My Jesus to prepare the hearts of all of My children to receive this gift of FAITH. 

Children, do not be afraid.  You will have what you need for the battle. 

I have placed each of you where I need you.  Your first task in this Hour is to stand with your gaze fixed on Me.  With your ears open to My Voice.  With your hearts open to My Light.  With your trust placed without hesitation in My Love and Mercy.  

Do not be afraid. 










May My Blessing descend upon every heart that is attentive to My Voice.

Amen.  +


[1] What I perceive in these words is how many times have we limited God’s action in our lives and in the lives of others with the obstacle of our own will that thinks it knows exactly what God wants and doesn’t want; what He would do or not do; without ever really asking Him, without humbly seeing the limitations of our own understanding before the immensity and depth of His Plans, of His Love.  “For My thoughts are not your thoughts: nor your ways My ways, saith the Lord.  For as the heavens are exalted above the earth, so are My ways exalted above your ways, and My thoughts above your thoughts.”  (Isaiah 55:8)




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