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New Interview of John Leary

Updated: 14 hours ago

[Image taken from one of his videos, so its quality is low]

In this must-see video, Dr. Gianna Talone-Sullivan interviews John Leary and his wife, Carol, regarding the messages he receives primarily from Jesus. Since he has been criticized by some Catholic media and psuedo-authoritative websites (because they are proud and do not want to open their eyes to the fact that we are deep in the end times), see who he is for yourself. The real John Leary is a humble and down-to-earth man (despite having a successful scientific career) in his eighties. He has been receiving messages since 1993 (which are clearly authentic as they are coming true as time goes by). He has been declared completely healthy psychologically. He also has been a daily Communicant since he was 17. He is not who some people think due to the gravity of the messages given to him. The messages are printed in books and on his website:

I have met him numerous times and know that his critical, scientific mind and sincere devotion to God make it altogether unlikely that he is being fooled or making messages up.

Click below to view this excellent, 45-minute interview:


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