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Messages from Our Lady to Eduardo Ferreira

[Stigmatized hands of Eduardo Ferreira]

Messages from Our Lady, Rosa Mystica, Queen of Peace, to Eduardo Ferreira

July 12, 2023

Peace, my children, I wish you all peace. My children, how often have I asked you to forgive your neighbor? What a lack of forgiveness there still is in your hearts. Listen to the voice of this Mother who has come to this place to ask for peace. You have asked for peace, but your hearts are full of wounds and doubts. Forgive, my children, always forgive. I am the Mother of forgiveness. I forgave all those who mistreated and killed my Divine Son. If your requests are not answered, it is because forgiveness is still lacking in your hearts. On this day, I invite you to forgive and to love. I am your Mother, the Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace.

With love, I bless you.

October 13, 2021

Peace. On this special day [Our Lady of Fatima], I invite you to prayer, fasting, sacrifices and penance with one voice, asking the Father for clemency and so that there would be repentance. No countries will escape Divine Justice. Pray for priests and missionaries. The time of the successor of Peter is coming to an end. Pray much for the one who is coming. Mercy is at your door. Never doubt this apparition. I am the Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace. With love I bless you.

October 12, 2021

My children, peace. On this day of prayer, I, your Mother, the Immaculate Conception, Queen of Peace, invite you once again to pray for peace. My children, on this day I warn you that experiments on human beings will have very sad consequences for all humanity. The sign is visible, but many do not want to see it. Beloved children of this nation, many laws of this country will change. Be prepared spiritually and mentally. Do not forget — the family is the center of everything. You need to know how to pray in order to face all the storms to come. Do not afraid: give good testimony as true Christians. I have been coming to Brazil to prepare you.

Little children, nature is showing human beings how small they are and how much they need it, and that you need to live in harmony with nature. What I am telling you is urgent: pray the Rosary every day, wear with devotion the medal that I made known to Catherine Labouré. Carry with you brown or green scapulars. This is a time of grace and mercy that God is giving to each one. Accept with love all that God has given you. With love I bless you.

July 12, 2021

Dear children, on this day I invite you to pray for families. Pray, pray, my children. On this day I also invite you to conversion. A complete conversion, turned toward God. My children, pray with love and trust. God can give you everything you ask of Him, but many of you seek God when you are sick, in the problems and difficulties of everyday life. Many even say that God is distant or does not listen to your prayers, but this is not true, my children: it is you who are living in separation from God. Do not be discouraged. Pray and remain with God. If you stay away from God, you will not receive graces. Today is a day of grace. I am your Mother, Mystical Rose — Queen of Peace. I bless you with love.


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