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Messages from Our Lady to Eduardo Ferreira

Messages from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, to Eduardo Ferreira

April 12, 2023

Children, peace.

Don’t lose heart.

I wish to see you with a heart full of joy, united with the Heart of Jesus, with mine and with the one of Saint Joseph.

Do not lose heart when you give witness to my apparitions and many do not give you credit.

Believe: you will be rewarded in Heaven.

I had already told Bernadette Soubirous: I cannot promise you happiness on the earth, but in Heaven.

Listen to me and you will experience in Heaven all the Beatitudes announced by Jesus here on earth.

I bless you with love.

April 13, 2023

My children, peace.

Today, I come to bring you a message of love and hope.

My children, I am your Mother, the Mystic Rose, the Queen of Peace.

My children, many are getting lost because they don’t meet Jesus, they don’t entrust themselves to Jesus.

Many are still at the service of satan and think only of themselves.

I am here to lead you to the Kingdom of God.

Don’t forget: you have a short time on this earth. You have to build your home in Heaven.

Don’t look for satisfaction in this world; everything here is fleeting.

I am here to help you.

I am happy when you listen to me and heed my requests.


I bless you with love.


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