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Messages from Jesus to John Leary

April 24, 2023 Jesus said: “My people, you are still in the Easter Season and you have been built up by My Resurrection and My Divine Mercy. Now you need to be strengthened in your faith to witness My Good News as St. Stephen did. He was strong in the faith and the Jews were not able to win debates with him. So they did what the evil ones do by making up lies to put him down. You are seeing former President Trump also is being bullied by the lies of the Democrats as they do not want him in the White House. When the evil politicians want power, they lie and cheat in the elections to keep good people out of office. It may appear that the evil ones are winning today, but after the tribulation, I will bring My victory over the evil ones and they will be cast into hell. So have no fear as I will protect you at My refuges, for the days of the evil ones are numbered when I will bring My justice down on the earth.” Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a continuous stream of weather disasters all over your country. In your vision you are seeing heavy rains and waves from the ocean that are causing flooding in Florida and Louisiana. These lowlands are vulnerable to floods from hurricanes and bad weather. I have warned your people that it would be better to move inland to higher ground away from the coasts, because they are vulnerable to flooding. Pray for the people who have lost their homes from floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.”

April 20, 2023 Jesus said: “My people, My apostles had the Holy Spirit come down on them with tongues of fire and they received many graces to witness My Good News. It was by the power I gave them that they were able to heal a cripple in My Name. They were then questioned by the Pharisees for doing such a healing in My Name. The Pharisees wanted My apostles to stop teaching about My Resurrection, but My apostles were defiant. They told the Pharisees that it was better to obey God than to obey men. So they continued to preach in My Name when an angel released them from prison. This is a lesson for My faithful so you do not restrain yourself from preaching My Good News, even if you are harassed or persecuted. You will be seeing more persecution as the evil ones will try to stop your evangelizing. You witnessed some interference on your Zoom program from people trying to stop your program. You continued on later. So expect more problems, but be resolute in sharing My messages. I thank all of My faithful who are witnessing My love to others. So continue your work, and remember that it is truly better to obey Me than to be quiet like the evil ones want you to be.” Prayer Group: Jesus said: “My people, you know of a coming Warning or the Illumination of Conscience. This Warning will wake up many souls who are not worshiping Me on Sundays as they should. Everyone all over the earth will experience their life review all at the same time. You will see a darkness at first. Then you will see two suns in the sky where one is a comet. After your life review, you will see a mini-judgment and you will visit your destination. Many people will desire Confession. So come to frequent Confession so your soul is ready to meet Me at your mini-judgment.” Jesus said: “My son, you will be seeing more attacks on the messages as you send them to your spiritual director. Sometimes he does not receive them, and other times he sends them to you, and you do not receive them. These persecutions will become more frequent both on your website and on your Zoom program. Before you send things pray your long form of the St. Michael prayer.” Jesus said: “My son, you were successful in not eating sweets all throughout Lent, so you can minimize any desserts as a favor to Me now that you can see you can live without your desserts. Offer this up for souls.” Jesus said: “My son, I know you have been suffering from a sciatica pain, and you are offering it up for souls. It may be difficult to do your yard work, so you may have to ask for some help or pay someone to cut the grass. Pray for Me to minimize your pain, or hire someone to do it for you.” Jesus said: “My people, you have worked to set up your refuge with My help. Some people may find it difficult to come to your refuge, especially when St. Joseph builds a place for 5,000 people. You may be called to use your van to pick up people with your van and bring them to your refuge. I will direct you when and where to pick them up.” Jesus said: “My people, you have been reading how the one world people are planning to take your dollars out of circulation, and replace it with a digital dollar. They will use a bank holiday to shut down the banks. If this happens soon, you may lose your money and you may not be able to buy food in your stores. If the people riot in the streets, you could see Biden declare a martial law. Otherwise, you will not have money to buy food at your stores. In either case you most likely will be called to My refuges where I will multiply your food.” Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing continuous damage from tornadoes and heavy rain that is causing floods. You witnessed a large torrent of rain that caused some flooding all over California. You even had to have your hostess’ car pulled out of a large overflowing stream. Be prepared for more serious weather, and later fires and hurricanes. Many of these things you have seen before, but it will be the higher frequency and severity that will be worse than normal. Last year you had a small water shortage, but this year you are seeing more rain than normal. Pray that your farmers are able to provide your food, or you could see a coming famine.”


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