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Messages from Jesus to John Leary

March 28, 2023 Jesus said: “My people, Moses brought the Hebrew people out from Egypt and into the desert by the miracles of the plagues. By miracles he parted the Red Sea for his people to escape from the Egyptian soldiers. Then he closed up the sea and the Egyptian soldiers were drowned. In the desert Moses struck the rock and water came forth for them to drink. The people were led by a cloud in the day and by a flame at night. I provided them manna for bread in the morning and quail for meat in the evening. After a while the people complained about the food. So I sent poisonous seraph serpents among the people and some died. When the people repented of their complaints of the food, I had Moses make a bronze serpent and he raised it on a pole. Those people, who were bitten by the snakes, looked on the bronze serpent and they were healed. This raising of the bronze serpent on a pole is a precursor of how I was crucified and raised up on a cross, and My Sacrifice of My life is salvation for all of those people who believe in Me. At My refuges you will also see a luminous cross in the sky. All of My faithful, who look upon this cross, will be healed of all of their infirmities. Give praise and thanks to Me for healing your bodies and your souls.” March 27, 2023 Jesus said: “My people, there are many sexual sins that revolve around men with lust in their heart for women. This is why the marriage bed protects young girls from being violated if a couple makes a commitment of marriage together. Then their relations are protected under the law. But if other men lust for women, like these elders, then they have already sinned in their hearts. It is even worse for the two elders to lie about attempts for fornication, and they tried to have Susanna killed. Daniel came to Susanna’s rescue when he uncovered the perjury of the two elders and innocent blood was spared that day. In the Gospel I wrote the sins of the onlookers on the ground who were threatening to stone a woman who was found committing adultery. I told those people: ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’ You all are sinners and you should not be judging others. I am the only proper Judge because I look into the heart of your intentions to commit sin. I am also willing to forgive any repentant sinner in Confession. This is why frequent Confession is needed to keep a clean soul for your judgment. For you know neither the hour nor the day that I will bring you to your death and your day of judgment before Me. So have your soul prepared every day in case you may die today.” Jesus said: “My people, I have been warning people to stock up on their three months of food for each family member. Some people have even stocked up with a year’s supply of food. You are on the verge of the one world people trying to take your dollars out of circulation and force people to use controlled digital dollars. The new digital dollar will be controlled by atheistic liberals who will condition what you buy by their agenda. If you talk or spend money that is not according to the liberals’ rules, then they could cancel your digital account. This would make it difficult to buy anything at the store. The next challenge will be when the evil ones want to force you to take the mark of the beast, or a computer chip in the body that will control your mind. You need to refuse to take any chip in the body and refuse to worship the Antichrist. Once this chip is mandated like the Covid shots, then My faithful must come to My refuges. Because this time is coming soon, this is why I am recommending that My people load up on as much food as you can buy and store, since you will not be able to buy anything later. It is also important to have a monstrance for your Perpetual Adoration. A priest or My angels will give you a consecrated Host for Adoration to place in your monstrance. When you pray in My Presence, I will be able to multiply the food you will need, if you have trust in My multiplication miracles. Trust in Me to protect you from the evil ones with the power of My angels, and I will make you invisible to your enemies. Also trust in Me to multiply your food, water, fuels, and any other needs for your survival.” March 26, 2023 Jesus said: “My people, I loved Lazarus very much, even as I love everyone as well. The people saw Me weeping for the death of Lazarus. Martha and Mary greeted Me and they said how I could have healed their brother before he died. But I asked Martha if she believed that he would rise on the last day, and she did believe. I told her that I was the Resurrection and the Life for everyone. Then I went to the tomb and people removed the stone. I called: ‘Lazarus come forth.’ Then Lazarus came out of the tomb, and they removed the wrappings around him. There was great joy for restoring Lazarus to life for his sisters. Even as I raised Lazarus to life, so all of you will be resurrected on the last day–some to heaven, but some to hell. You will soon be reading of My Passion and Death on the cross. Then three days after My death, I resurrected from the tomb, and I visited My apostles. Your joy on Easter knows no bounds, for you will all be with Me at your own resurrection into heaven for those who are worthy.”


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