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Message from Jesus to John Leary

May 12, 2022

Jesus said: “My people, while I was with My apostles, I told them many times how I was God Incarnate, and I described Myself as ‘I AM’ which is the Name that Moses received from God the Father. St. John the apostle’s Gospel is focused on My Divinity, and how I was sent by God the Father to offer Myself up as the perfect sacrifice for the redemption of all of mankind’s sins. You are celebrating My victory over sin and death in your Easter Season after My Resurrection. You are reading about the early days of My Church in the Acts of the Apostles. Rejoice that I rose from the dead, and I am with you always in the Breaking of the Bread at your Masses.”

Prayer Group: Jesus said: “My people, you will soon be having primaries for the upcoming mid term elections. The Democrats are causing your inflation with their heavy spending and printing of trillions of dollars. The Green new deal of the Democrats is also causing your high gasoline and diesel fuel prices. These are the biggest problems along with the open Southern border. The left will try to focus on the abortion issue to distract you from the poor job of governing by Biden. Pray to stop abortion, but also pray for better people to run your government.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing how $417 million was donated by a billionaire that paid people to stuff illegal ballots in drop boxes at all hours of the night in the 2020 election. These people were called mules and each one would stuff 3-5 ballots in up to a hundred drop boxes over a few weeks. This was enough votes to overturn the 2020 election and make Biden a winner, even though he campaigned very little. Pray that you can fix the cheating at the ballot box, or you will lose all of your freedoms.”

[N.B. ‘2000 Mules’ is playing in theaters. They had 4 million minutes of video showing the mules placing illegal ballots in drop boxes. They claimed 810,000 such ballots were deposited and they used geo-tracking with following the person’s cell phone to show the truth of this cheating.]

Jesus said: “My people, beware of some planned shortages in your stores such as baby formulas. You also read of some coming shortages in diesel fuel. Many of your stores are having high food prices and even empty shelves in some areas. You also saw in your news about 25 fires at major food processing centers. As you look into these shortages, you will see they are being caused by evil people to create a famine to cause chaos among your people. Have your three months of food ready when your store shelves will be empty with few trucks bringing food to your stores. I will multiply what you need before you go to My refuges if you call on Me in faith.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is good to take some time to appreciate the beauty of your spring flowers and trees. You are struck by the various colors and shapes of the tulips, daffodils, and the flowering trees. You showed your pictures to your prayer group members and they were impressed. Give thanks and glory to Me for all of My creation that you are seeing in nature.”

Jesus said: “My people, in your Diocese only some years previous, you had 300 priests, and now you have only 100 priests. You need your priests for Mass and the sacraments for all of your family and friends. Pray every day for more vocations to the priesthood. You have more priests dying of old age than your newly ordained priests each year. I love all of My faithful and you are in great need of more priests. Remember when I told you to have the harvest master send more people into the fields, because the harvest is great, but there are only a few to gather in the harvest of souls.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been reading in the Acts of the Apostles how My apostles and deacons went to various towns to convert Jews and Gentiles into the ‘way’ of My teachings. The apostles set up My Church, and the faith has been passed down to your generations to share the faith that I taught My apostles. I keep reaching out to My faithful to be good evangelists by their example of faith in Me. Many young people are falling away from their original faith. Your children need to follow faithful parents, and the parents need to tell your children how important it is to come to Mass and Confession so they are put on the right road to heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am preparing My faithful for the coming persecution of Christians. You are already seeing the violence of the left as they are mad that their access to abortion is about to be limited in some states. You are seeing an increase in immorality of drugs and sexual sins. You also are seeing more wars that are being stirred up by Satan. When you see famine, earthquakes, wars, and the persecution of Christians, I will bring My Warning and you will be called to the safety of My refuges with My angels. Trust in Me to have My angels protect you, and I will multiply your food, water, and fuels at all of My refuges.”


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