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Message from Jesus to John Leary

January 27, 2022: (St. Angela Merici)

Jesus said: “My people, in every viable church, I have a resting place in My tabernacles that are holy by My Blessed Sacrament Hosts that are present. When you come in front of My tabernacle, you are to genuflect or bow to My Presence. Even at My refuges, you should have a tabernacle where you can place My Sacred Hosts that you can worship in a monstrance. It is My Holy Presence and My angels who will protect you from the evil ones. Even now My angels are protecting My refuges from harm, since the refuges will house My people during the tribulation. Give praise and thanks to Me for calling My refuge builders to set up My safe havens for My faithful to come and be protected. This is My gift of Myself to you in My Blessed Sacrament. Treat My Sacred Hosts with respect.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, I am hearing your prayer intentions for some of your friends who have passed away and those who are seriously sick. Keep praying for your sick people and your deceased. You can use your Good Friday oil and your exorcism water to bless the vaccinated and those who are sick. You can also encourage your people to build up their immune systems with vitamin C, vitamin D3, Elderberry extract, and Hawthorn berry. Some people might take Tylenol, ibuprofen, or MMS (chlorine dioxide). You can also pray to Me in faith for any needed healing.”

Jesus said: “My people, you need to attend any funerals for your friends or prayer group members. They need comforting to get through the grieving period. Offer any help that is needed. Pray for these souls and have Mass intentions offered for them. These spouses appreciate your concern to help them.”

Jesus said: “My people, both Ukraine and Taiwan are being threatened by Russia and China. Truly you need to do a novena to prevent wars in these countries. Pray that any war could be kept to one country and not spread into World War III. Your people are killing enough babies, so you do not want more soldiers dying. Call on My protection and My angels to protect America from any nuclear war.”

Jesus said: “My people, China is compromising your leaders with money from bribes and supposed business deals. This is outright treason and sedition at the highest level of your government and with rich billionaires. How can your citizens collude with your worst enemy that puts your country at risk from China and Russia. People who are taking money from China should be investigated for crimes against your country.”

N.B. Read ‘Red Handed’ for information on these traitors.

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing some severe cold and heavy snow in some areas. You need to help people who may need financial help with their heating bills or any need for food. You can give some donations to your local food shelf, or any groups that are helping women with special needs with their babies. You pray to stop abortions at the Planned Parenthood clinic, but you also need to pray for women who need help with their newborn babies who chose not to have an abortion. Even those women who have abortions need your prayers to console their loss.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing the one world people using multiple viruses and Covid shots to purposely cause deaths with a plan to reduce the world’s population. These are evil people who brain wash the people to take shots that could kill them over time by ruining people’s immune system. These people also are preventing the use of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and others that are useful in healing people in the early Covid sicknesses. It appears that these evil ones want people to die for their own use to control people. Pray that these evil ones will be prevented from carrying out their evil plan.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are many people around you who are sick. You can be healed of any sickness if you have faith and trust in My healing power. You can also seek supplements to build up your immune system and medicines not allowed by some doctors. Use any other methods to help your breathing with ozone treatment and chlorine dioxide (MMS) that puts more oxygen into your bodies. Have faith in My ways of healing and you could heal people.”

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