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Message from Jesus to John Leary

Artist: Alexander Ivanov

April 10, 2023 Jesus said: “My people, I met the women who came to the empty tomb and they were surprised to see that I rose from the dead. I told the women to tell My apostles that I would see them in Galilee. St. Peter and St. John saw the empty tomb, but they did not yet see My risen Body. They all had a hard time believing the women that I rose from the dead. It was only later when I appeared to My apostles in the Upper Room, that they believed in My Resurrection. All of you are also happy with My Resurrection because all of My faithful will be resurrected on the last day. My son, I have helped you with your back and you are rejoicing.” Prayer Group: Jesus said: “My people, I am the Light of the world that disperses the darkness of sin in the world. As you light your own Paschal Candle for 2023, this is a sign of My presence and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Rejoice in this flame of love that focuses your attention on My Resurrection from the dead.” Jesus said: “My people, My first encounter after My Resurrection is when I met Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb. She wanted to touch Me, but I told her that I had not yet gone back to My Father, so she should not touch Me. In one reading you heard the Pharisees conspired with the soldiers to have them report that My followers stole My Body from the tomb. The Pharisees gave them a good amount of money to give the report of the followers stealing the body to explain why I was missing at the tomb. The Gospels tell the real account of My Resurrection as I appeared to My apostles several times.” Jesus said: “My people, My apostles did not understand what rising from the dead meant. They did not accept that I resurrected until I appeared to them in the Upper Room. I call on all of My faithful to proclaim My Good News from the rooftops that I resurrected from the dead, because death had no hold on Me. I conquered death and sin, and I have brought salvation from all of your sins. This is such a glorious moment when the gates of heaven are opened to all worthy souls to enter. By loving Me and seeking the forgiveness of your sins, you will be worthy to enter heaven on the last day. Some souls will need some time in purgatory to be ready.” Jesus said: “My people, each day on earth brings you closer to your judgment and eventually to your entrance into heaven. The gates of heaven are now open for all worthy souls. You know how many souls need to be purified in purgatory before you are worthy to enter heaven. You are aware of Mercy Sunday and the plenary indulgence you can receive to take away all punishment due for your sins. This is a gift of My mercy given through St. Faustina which you can have by praying the nine-day Novena and coming to Confession within a week before or after Mercy Sunday. Take advantage of this grace to cleanse all punishment due for your sins.” Jesus said: “My son, have your people pray for your safe travel out and back from California. You know well how you are attacked by the evil ones, especially on your return trip. You remember well on your recent trip to California how you were caught in the water of a flooded stream. Your friend had to get a neighbor to pull the car out of the water just in time to get to the airport. That is why you need to pray your long form of the St. Michael prayer for safe travel both going to and returning from California. Trust in Me that I will have My angels protect you.” Jesus said: “My people, Lent is a beautiful time to work on improving your spiritual lives. You show your love for Me when you fast between meals and refrain from meat on Lenten Fridays. You even refrained from eating sweets and candy during the whole week. You proved to yourself that you can use your will power to control the cravings of your body. You can also use your will power and self-denial to avoid sin and the near occasions of sin. By obeying My Commandments, you are coming closer to Me out of love, and you avoid insulting Me with your sins.” Jesus said: “My son, I know you have been suffering sciatica pain, and you have been trying several ways to reduce your pain. You just tried some cooling cream on your back and you got some relief overnight. Pray to Me for a healing of this pain as you are about to take a trip to California. Many people suffer from chronic pain, so you are not alone. Remember how I asked you to offer up your pain to help souls on earth and even souls in purgatory. Do not waste your pain, but offer it up to Me for My intentions and all souls who could benefit from your offering.”


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