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Message from Jesus to John Leary

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

March 9, 2023 Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel the rich man had all of the pleasures of life, but he did not help the beggar, Lazarus with even the scraps from his table. The beggar had to suffer through life with little help. At the judgment the rich man went to hell because he did not show love for Me in his neighbor, Lazarus. But Lazarus was rewarded in heaven for all he had to suffer on earth. The rich man wanted to keep his brothers from coming to hell. I told the rich man, the brothers had Moses and the prophets to help save them. But the rich man said if someone from the dead would speak to the brothers, surely they would listen. I told him if the brothers would not heed Moses and the prophets, they would not heed even if one from the dead spoke to them. This meant that after I died on the cross and I resurrected, then the brothers would not even listen to Me as well. Everyone has to make a free will choice to love Me or not, as well as loving your neighbor. Those people, who love Me in their actions and love others, will be rewarded in heaven like Lazarus. But those people, who refuse to love Me and others, and do not obey My Commandments, will find themselves in the flames of hell like the rich man.” Prayer Group: Jesus said: “My son, I know you both are having problems with your leg and your wife’s knee. You are brave to get through the airports while going from one place to another. I am sending My angels to protect you from harm, and to help you through any pain. Have your prayer group pray for a safe trip. This is your first long trip flying in a while, so pray your rosaries during your trip. Thank all of the people who paid for this trip, and call on the Holy Spirit to help you in your four talks.” Jesus said: “My people, you will be seeing some struggles between your parties over the current Budget and the National Debt Limit. The Republicans want some Budget restraints as a bargaining chip to raise the National Debt Ceiling. You have a lot of overspending by the Democrats in the last few years without much accounting for how the money is to be spent. Your huge deficits need to be reined in to cut the excess spending. Pray for your Congress to make the best choices for the people of your country.” Jesus said: “My people, the worst train wreck happened in East Palestine, Ohio, when they used controlled fires to burn some chemicals. This area may be contaminated for years. Your government was slow to respond to the cleanup. Now you have seen two more train wrecks without a large fire. It is time to investigate the causes, whether it is bad rail management or possible sabotage. A lot of freight is delivered by train, but it needs to be done safely. Investigators should inform the public why there are so many train wrecks.” Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a spring offensive by Russia to destroy the Ukraine’s infrastructure which is causing power outages. They are also trying to take more land in East Ukraine. Your country is sending billions of dollars in weapons to the Ukraine with little accounting of how the weapons and money are being used. Your Congress needs to investigate how long this giving of arms will last. You should not get involved with another long no-win war. Pray for peace and not an everlasting war.” Jesus said: “My people, you even saw a story in your newspaper about where is all the snow going. Your own town has seen 50 inches less snow than normal. Some are blaming the cold Pacific Ocean for La Nina. You have enough rainfall, but it is coming more as rain than snow. Pray for help for your people who are suffering losses from the snow and wind.” Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing serious problems as many immigrants are needing food, housing, and medical aid. This is causing financial hardships on many communities, especially in your border states. Biden wants more Democrat voters, but he is ruining your economy with this influx of illegal immigrants. Pray that your people can stop this continuing destruction against your border laws.” (I could see we are a few weeks into Lent and we need to examine how we are doing without fasting and penances.) Jesus said: “My people, at the start of Lent you had many devotions that you planned to keep throughout your Lenten Season. It is hard to keep up your fasting when you are hungry. Not eating candy and desserts is also hard to maintain. But you are keeping up your penances for My sake and to control your appetites. By struggling to keep up your penances, you can see your free will can be restrained when you put forth an effort. Sometimes you get a little lazy with your spiritual life. This is the purpose of Lent to put your spiritual life back together, as you put more focus on loving Me and your neighbor in your actions. By prayer and self-denial, this can help restrain your actions so you can lead a holier life. Keep up with your Lenten devotions and you will see how you can do more spiritual things when you try.”


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