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Message from Jesus and Mary to John Leary

September 15, 2022: (Our Lady of Sorrows)

The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I am here to help support you through your daily troubles, just as I had to suffer things on earth. It is not easy to suffer disappointments, sickness, and the deaths of your loved ones. Stay close to my Son, Jesus, and He will provide for your needs. Trust in Jesus’ protection from harm and the evil ones. He provides you angels to protect you. Keep focused more on the good things in life, and bear through the difficult moments. Everyone has to bear hardships and losses, but Jesus will welcome His faithful believers into heaven. Keep praying your daily rosaries for your intentions.”

Prayer Group:

The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I come to bless all of your prayer group members and their families. I will also be guarding My faithful travelers who are going to Louisiana on their plane. Follow my Son’s Commandments and pray your daily rosaries. I thank you for all of your rosaries tonight. When you pray together, you are multiplying your rosaries for your intentions.”

Jesus said: “My people, such a railroad strike would have been a hardship on your businesses. Biden offered to give these workers a $24/hr. raise that will be paid by your taxpayers. There was an incentive to do this before the mid-term elections. Give thanks that a settlement appears close.”

Jesus said: “My people, this latest inflation of 8.3% in August was not much of an improvement over 8.5% in July. As a result, the stock market was down 3% and there was a fear interest rates will be raised again to try and stem your inflation. Your Federal Reserve may continue its high interest raises and there is no letting up. It is hard to lower inflation with your government’s overspending. Pray that you can avoid a recession and lost jobs.”

Jesus said: “My people, one of My Blessed Mother’s sorrows was to hold My dead Body, once I was taken down from the cross. While I was on the cross, I gave My Blessed Mother over to St. John and all of My Church. I also gave St. John over to My Blessed Mother, and he took her into his home. You were fortunate, My son, to visit this home of My Blessed Mother. Give thanks and praise to Me for offering up My life as a sacrifice for all of your sins.”

Jesus said: “My people, in My early Church Christians gathered together to share My Eucharist at Sunday Mass. In the beginning My people had to meet in secret because the Romans were killing Christians. With the evil of today, you will see more persecution of My Christian followers. As the tribulation comes, I will need to call My believers to the safety of My refuges where My angels will shield you from the evil ones with a veil of invisibility. My angels will shield you from harm and they will provide for your needs, even daily Holy Communion, if you do not have a priest.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will be fortunate to be able to hold your mid-term elections without some man-made obstructions. Declaring winners in the House of Representatives and the Senate may be difficult with more possible cheating with your ballots. If your government does not change its policies, you could see a possible uprising over any cheating. If there is much violence, I will need to call My believers to My refuges. Call on Me and My angels if the evil ones threaten your lives.”

Jesus said: “My people, your defunding of the police is a plan of the left Democrats to create chaos in your streets, so they could start a police state of a dictatorship. This could be an excuse to cause martial law which would take over your country, which will be ready for the coming of the Antichrist into power. If such an insurrection occurs, I will need to bring My Warning and call My believers to the safety of My refuges and My angels. Be patient because I will protect My people from the evil ones who want to kill My people.”


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