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Manuela Strack – “Your wealth before the Father is love”

Message from Jesus to Manuela Strack

Apparition of the King of Mercy on Dec. 25, 2022

I see a bright, golden sphere of light hovering into the room from the outside. In the room, the sphere of light gets bigger. Two other smaller spheres of light follow. They hover in the air, one each to the right and left of the large sphere of light. Now the great golden sphere of light opens and the King of Mercy emerges from this sphere of light in the form of the Infant Jesus of Prague. The Infant Jesus wears a cloak inwrought with red and gold and a robe that is also inwrought with red and gold. The cloak is embroidered with golden lilies. On the front of His robe I see three large, golden lily flowers. One lily flower is bent to the right, one lily flower is in the middle, and one is bent to the left. He bears an open golden heart on His chest and a cross of red rubies that glow very much. Our heavenly King wears a large, golden crown on His head. In His right hand, the Infant Jesus holds a golden scepter. His hair is curly dark brown and His eyes are blue.

Now the other two spheres of light open and two angels emerge from the two spheres of light. Both angels, dressed in plain white, glowing robes, kneel before the King of Mercy and spread His cloak. The heavenly King raises His scepter a little and says:

"In the name of the Father and of the Son – that is Me – and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. I want to comfort you and give you My love. I became human out of love. I will not extinguish the smoldering wick and I will not break the bruised reed. I am your king, a king of mercy! I became human to prepare you a dwelling place with the Eternal Father. Heaven is your home, dear souls – do not forget this! I want to sanctify the nations when they reach the Eternal Father. Your wealth before the Father is love, are the good deeds that you have collected in your life, that you carry in your heart.

You can acquire a lot of wealth and you will be respected in the world. But none of this counts before the Father if good deed and love are lacking. The world will lead you into the abyss with all the honors people bestow on one another.

Today I have come to you to give consolation and hope to the sick. I want to lift up the oppressed when they dedicate the small rosary to Me (own note: Rosary to the Child Jesus of Prague). In these days I wish to flood with grace the souls that open their hearts! It just takes some of your time to be with Me. Pray! Pray and ask for atonement for sins before the Eternal Father. The conscience of many people is no longer shaped by the commandments of the Eternal Father. My most holy Mother pleads for peace at the Throne of the Eternal Father. She is tireless. Do you also know, dear souls, that Saint Joseph, My foster father, and John the Baptist pray very much for you? Joseph prays for the Church and for the family before the Father's throne. John prays for the Church, especially for all those dedicated to God. May the love of heaven surround you, dear friends, in all your prayers.”

Now the Divine Child takes His scepter to His heart – it becomes the Aspergill of His Precious Blood and He blesses us with it: "In the name of the Father and of the Son – that is Me – and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

The King of Mercy holds in His left hand the Vulgate (own note: Holy Scriptures) that opens and shines. A page opens. But I don't see any Bible text as usual, but several pictures of the birth of Jesus. The heavenly king was born in a simple grotto that served as a shelter for cattle. A wonderful light surrounded this grotto and a star appeared in the sky. Our Lady's dress, that she wore at the birth of Jesus, was natural in color, undyed and seamless. It had a special significance why the robes or dresses were without a seam. But unfortunately I can't see the reason.

The King of Mercy speaks:

"Stay true to me! I am your Lord and Savior – I came to you as a child. Respect the dignity of God's children! Do not deviate from the path that I have shown you. Whoever loves Me respects the commandments of the Father. He who hears the Word of the Father hears Me. Open your hearts so that I can reside in your hearts. Pray very much as hearts are hardening in the world. Pay attention to my word and carry it into the world so that people find peace. Get ready: up, you praying souls – draw strength when I come to you in the Holy Mass, in the form of the Holy Host. I come to you so that the people are saved. I don't want their death. I want to save them because I myself am the Savior. I am love itself. Adieu!”

The King of Mercy continues to speak to me: If the Holy Mass in Sievernich is to be celebrated by a priest in the church, then He will schedule His appearance and His message on the 25th of each month so that everything fits. The Holy Mass is worth more than an apparition of the Lord. Such are the words of the King of Mercy.

The heavenly King goes back into the sphere of light and disappears. So do the two angels.




Explanation of the seamless dress or robe of the Blessed Mother*:

Tunic: Original: χιτών, Transliteration: chitōn

Seamless: Original: ἀῤῥαφος, Transliteration:  arrhaphos,  Phonetic:  ar'-hhraf-os. Definition not sewn together, without a seam

The robes for the priests had to be special and were therefore not sewn but woven. This is why John mentions that Jesus' garment, the tunic, was woven and without a seam, because by doing so John wants to remind us that Jesus, the Son of God, is the eternal High Priest (Hebrews 4:14).

The fact that the tunic was woven "from top to bottom", seamlessly, writes Saint Cyprian, means that "the unity that Christ brings comes from above, from the heavenly Father, and therefore by him who receives it, cannot be divided but must be accepted in its entirety." And she, the mother, is the eternal guarantor for this order.


* Webmaster: This is probably written by her spiritual director, a priest. I do not know about these things for sure though.



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