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Make Good Friday Oil this Friday. It may be your last chance.

Good Friday Oil was originally made by St. Andre Bessette, who followed a recipe revealed to him by St. Joseph. It has the potential to heal any sickness but is best reserved for vaccinations or serious illness. If you missed making it on Catholic Good Friday, below are detailed directions on how to make Good Friday Oil this Friday, April 14, at 3 a.m. (Orthodox Good Friday). It is an antidote for the Covid and Flu vaccines if a person did take one or more. It heals COVID, the next plague (a bleeding disease that will be released soon), and any future plague. Good Friday Oil is mentioned by heaven in many messages to John Leary. Time is very short right now before the Antichrist and 2023 may be the last chance you get since materials and access to priests may be limited in the next year (a second shutdown is coming soon). It's a little work but it will be well worth it when we can heal our loved ones, friends, etc. Be extra generous and do it if at all possible. After making it, pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet. The directions are in the below links (directions in pdf format) (directions in pdf format) (video directions)

Note well: Faith and belief that God can heal someone through this oil is essential in order for it to work. To use it, you can make cross on the forehead with it and say: "God, please heal this person" and then say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be. Use the tiniest amount possible since more people can be healed in the future this way. The amount used is completely irrelevant.

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