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John Leary: First Message from Sister Wilhelmina

August 14, 2023: (St. Maximilian Kolbe)

Jesus said: “My people, I died on the cross to save mankind’s souls from their sins as a sacrifice in taking your place for any punishment due for your sins. This is the same love that St. Maximilian had for his fellow prisoners in the death camps of Auschwitz, Germany. He offered his life in place of another prisoner who was about to be executed. In Nagasaki, Japan, St. Maximilian started a missionary with his friars that later in World War II was protected from the effects of an atomic bomb that killed thousands of people. You, My son, saw a recent movie that depicted this explosion that wiped out a good share of this city. It is unfortunate how your wars have killed many people, and this nuclear bombing was so terrible in its destruction. Now you could be facing more destruction in a coming World War III that could involve more atomic bombs being used. Pray for all of the people who are suffering from wars.”

(Vigil of the Assumption) The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I am thankful to my Son, Jesus, that he did not want my body corrupted after my death. He did the honor of taking me up into heaven. Now, I can pray for all of you from heaven. In the Gospel I was called Blessed for bringing my Son, Jesus, into this world by the power of the Holy Spirit. My Son said: ‘Blessed are those people who hear My Word and keep it in their actions.’ The two of us are joined as one as you celebrate the feast of my Assumption.”

August 13, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, after I fed the 5,000 people with the multiplied bread and fish, I retreated to the mountain to pray. My apostles got in a boat to travel back home across the sea, but a storm arose and they were afraid of the waves. I came to them walking on the water, and they thought I was a ghost. I told them not to be afraid, and I called St. Peter to come to Me. St. Peter walked on the water in faith, but he faltered and I had to rescue him. The sea calmed down as we got into the boat. This is a lesson to all of you, so when you are in trouble, you can call on Me and I will rescue you also. So when you are stepping out in faith, do not be disturbed by any problem because I give you strength to endure your trials. By My miracles My apostles said: ‘Truly you are the Son of God.’ (Matt. 14:33) So it is with My miracles today, you can see how I am leading you to the protection of My refuges for your safety throughout the coming tribulation. I have given you instructions how to prepare your refuges, and you will see more miracles, as I will multiply your food, water, and fuels. Have no fear, but trust in My protection as I protected My apostles.”

August 12, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you are called to love Me with your whole heart, your whole mind, and your whole soul. All of My believers have an invisible cross placed on their foreheads by My angels. I love all of you so much as you, My son, felt My Presence strongly in your soul. I am with you always, but sometimes I give you a double portion of My Spirit, and you are humbled to receive Me. In the Gospel My apostles were not able to heal a possessed boy. (Matt. 18:14-20) I told My apostles that sometimes there are strong demons or legions of demons that can possess people, and this requires prayer and fasting to cast out the demons. I am more powerful than the demons, and at My Word, they obey and leave the person I healed. Let this be a lesson to you to call on My power in My Name to heal people and release them from their demons. Do not just rely on your own power, but always call on My Name and the Holy Spirit to heal people. I love My faithful, but you must have faith, even the size of a mustard seed to heal people. Trust in My love and My healing power to help you through life, and to help you in evangelizing souls to believe in Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have created all of you out of My love for you, and I made you all in My Image. I have given you free will to love Me or not because I do not force My love on you, and I desire that you come to love Me by your own choice. You have been gifted with life, but you will have to make an accounting of how you spent your time at your judgment. I should be the center of your lives, and you can follow My agenda every day. It is how you spend your time that will determine your eternal destination at your judgment. Be careful not to fill up your day with frivolous activities that leave no time for Me. You need to welcome Me with your morning prayer and morning Mass if possible. Only those people who eat My Body and drink My Blood will have eternal salvation. You can pray your Divine Mercy Chaplet around 3:00 p.m. and leave some time at night for Adoration and your night prayers. By making Me a part of your daily activities, I will see that your love for Me is sincere in your actions. You can consecrate all of your activities up to Me. At some point in the month, you need to take some time to make a good Confession, so you can keep a clean soul in union with your love for Me. You also need to give a good example of your prayer life to your children and your friends. By your daily prayers and good deeds you are on the right road to heaven.”

August 11, 2023: (St. Clare)

Jesus said: “My people, I love all of you so much and I draw you close to Me so I can be a part of your daily life. When you give your life over to My service, I call you to help your neighbor through My love. You reach out to spread My Word of faith to try and help save as many souls from hell as you can. I call you to go the extra mile to help people in their spiritual and physical needs. St. Clare is a good example to follow as she gave up her wealthy status to join women in the Poor Clares. You may not form an order, but you can share your prayers and good works with others in need. Comfort those people who are sick or have lost family members. These are all works of mercy that I call you to show your good fruits from your faith in Me.”

Jesus said: “My son, I am glad to see you followed My instructions to make one more trip to buy some freeze-dried food for your refuge. (from 7-31-23 message) There are some people who are buying food for refuges, but very few are seeing the need to get three months of food as I have asked many times. You may also want to buy some more protein foods like dried eggs and meats as you did before. You know I can multiply your food, but you need to have a variety of protein foods that I can multiply. Order this as soon as you can because it will take some time to deliver it. It is My refuge builders who need to order some extra food before it may not be available for long. Be prepared at your refuges to assign jobs to the people whom I will send to your refuge. My angels will protect you from harm, and they will help Me as I multiply your water, food, and fuels. Be ready also to have a monstrance to hold a consecrated Host because you will need to set up your Perpetual Adoration. It will be your faith by which I can multiply things that will make it happen. It will be My Real Presence in the Host that will be active to provide for your needs. You will have deer for meat when they drop dead in your camp just like the quail came to My people at night in the desert.”

August 10, 2023: (St. Lawrence)

Jesus said: “My people, I told My apostles if the grain of wheat dies in the ground, it can produce a fruit of more wheat. It is the same with My faithful. If you die to self, you can follow My Word and produce a great harvest of good deeds, and you can help save souls by your evangelization. Give of yourself to help your neighbor in need with your donations and your prayers, for I love a cheerful giver. St. Lawrence offered the true treasure of the Church with the poor, the blind, and the lame to the authorities. For this they killed him as a martyr for the Church on a gridiron. You remember when he said: ‘Turn me over, I am done on this side.’”

Prayer Group:

St. Meridia said: “I am Meridia and I stand before God as His servant. Some people may not know me, but I am the angel of this prayer group, and I am also the angel who is protecting this refuge. I will put a shield of invisible protection over this refuge, and I will not allow any non-believers to enter these grounds during the tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, you could see another pandemic virus that would cause the authorities to shutdown My churches. You could also see a time when a new Mass will be forced on you that will not have the proper words of Consecration, meaning I will not be Present in the Host. You will need to come to places where a faithful priest will offer a Consecration with the proper words.”

Jesus said: “My people, I know some refuges have been damaged from storms, but I want My refuge builders to call on Me and My angels to protect your refuges from damage. Call on your refuge angel and pray your storm prayer for protection from storm damage. Trust in Me and My angel power to protect your refuges and to repair any damaged refuges.”

Sr. Wilhelmina said: “My dear children, I thank all of the pilgrims who visited my incorrupt body because I know you had to travel a long distance. I give you my blessing by Jesus to all of you here tonight for the intentions of all the souls in your families.”

Jesus said: “My son, people are wondering why I have asked you not to schedule any more travel talks after October 1st. You could see some violence in wars, a coming new pandemic virus, a mandated digital dollar, and a mandated mark of the beast. These events could start during this October. This is why you should not leave the grounds of your refuge when I call people to My refuges. This is a warning and a preparation for some serious events.”

Jesus said: “My son, you are right to go one last time to get another set of boxes of six cans of dried food and other foods. I have warned people to get three months of food for each household member. This may be your last opportunity to get your food stocked up. Make some room in your basement for this food. You may need to use your food even before My call to your refuges. This could be due to closed stores, or the trucks may not be able to bring food to your stores. You may even have problems getting food at your stores without the proper documents that you will not seek.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that you are now living in the pre-tribulation time. You are about to see some major events that could scare some people, and you could even see things that could threaten your lives. I have had a good number of refuge builders volunteer to answer My call to set up their own refuge that will protect My people from the Antichrist and the evil people. My angels will lead people to My refuges when I call you with an inner locution. Angels will also protect you with shields of invisibility on your way to My refuges and when you are at My refuges. You will have all of your needs provided by My multiplication of your water, food, and fuels. After the tribulation, I will remove the evil ones off the earth, and I will renew the earth, and bring you into My Era of Peace.”

August 9, 2023: (St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross)

Jesus said: “My people, when Israel sent out scouts to survey the Promised Land, the scouts saw giants and fortified cities. These scouts tried to discourage the people from fighting the giants. After forty days of surveying the land, I punished the people forty years for their lack of trust in Me to conquer those people who occupied the Promised Land. You saw in a vision how I enabled David to kill the giant Goliath with My help. So trust in My power to do the impossible for My faithful. This means I will protect My faithful at My refuges during the tribulation. In the Gospel a Canaanite woman had her daughter healed from a demon because of her great faith that I could heal her daughter. I came to first convert the lost sheep of Israel, but then I died for all of mankind’s sins so you all are offered salvation, even the Gentiles. St. Paul was helpful in spreading My Word among the Gentiles to convert them to faith in Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, when I call you to come to My refuges, it would be easiest to drive your car, if you leave your home within twenty minutes. You will be following the flame of your guardian angel to the nearest refuge. Your angel will put an invisible shield over your car. If you are much later than twenty minutes, or your car is not working from an EMP, or you are out of gas, I warned you before to have some good bicycles and a pump to keep your tires inflated. This would be your backup transportation to My refuges. Your guardian angel would put an invisible shield over you on your bike. You still have the bikes that I asked you to buy. Once you are at a refuge, you do not need to travel, and you will not leave your refuge grounds. My angels will see that you reach a refuge safely, even if you have to walk to one. Trust in Me to protect you, but you need to be at a refuge to separate the good people from the evil ones.”


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