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Interview of Garabandal Visionary, Jacinta, 60 Years Later

Rough English Translation of the 2021 Spanish Interview of Jacinta Gonzalez by Jose Maria Zavala

Three of the four visionaries of Our Lady of Garabandal are alive. Jacinta Gonzalez (Moynihan) is one. This interview is more relevant now in 2024 since we are getting close to the Warning. This is a must-see video for devotees of Garabandal or those who want to know more about the mystical phenomena experienced by the four visionaries from 1961-1965.

Garabandal has never been condemned. The local diocese has been waiting to see if the promised Warning and Miracle happen before a formal judgment is made.

Click right below to hear what Jacinta said in the 2021 Spanish interview:


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