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John Leary: “there will be a one world religion”

Messages from Jesus to John Leary

September 30, 2023: (St. Jerome)

Jesus said: “My son, St. Jerome was a great scholar, and he dedicated himself to translating the Scriptures into Latin that was the common language of the day. He was driven to determine what his mission was, and I pointed him to his work for Me. My son, your missions are important also. I have sent you out to spread the Word of My messages of love, warnings, and hope for about 28 years. Now you are to stop traveling during a troubled time, and you can continue your mission with your Zoom programs and putting My messages out on your website and in the books. Your second mission is to set up your own refuge and you have shared all of your preparations that I requested of you. I recently asked you to have one more trip to buy more dried food and even more dried eggs and dried meats. Your dried foods can be used quickly to make soups, eggs, and bread. I also had you do one more refuge practice run to keep your people fresh on how to prepare meals without electricity, and with your well water.”

September 29, 2023: (St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael) St. Michael said: “I am Michael and I stand before God and I am the protector of America. You have weak leaders in America and they are doing everything to take your country down. It is your open borders that are allowing an army to come into your country unvetted. You will soon see the one world people are planning to kill many of your people with their viruses and vaccines. The Lord is preparing us angels to battle the evil ones. Call on Me and I will bring angels to protect you. You will be called to your refuges for your protection.”

St. Michael said: “I am Michael and I stand before God. You call on me many times when you read the long form of the St. Michael prayer. I am always watching out for you when you are driving to give a talk. Now you will not be traveling to give talks. But you will need My protection with the coming events from the one world people and the Antichrist. Whenever you are feeling an attack, you can call on My help. Every night you read this long form prayer, so I will answer your request. Be prepared for the coming battles with the evil ones.”

September 28, 2023; (St. Wenceslaus) Jesus said: “My people, every time you come before Me to receive My Body and My Blood in the consecrated Host, I am with you for a few minutes sacramentally. I am always Present to you in My tabernacle, but I am with you spiritually as well when I lead you through life to serve Me in your missions. You all have individual missions that I have given you. I also give you the graces and talents to perform your mission. I ask all of My faithful to center your lives around Me in your prayers and good works for your neighbor. I love all of you so much, and I am happy to see I am a daily part of your lives. Give praise and glory to Me in all that you do for My greater glory.”

Prayer Group: Jesus said: “My son, when you were with Fr. Esper, one of the prayer members gave you a gift of My Holy Face from the Shroud of Turin. This image on the Shroud was singed onto this Shroud from the energy of My Resurrection. This was My greatest miracle that I performed when I rose from the dead to save all people from their sins. Let this picture keep reminding you of My miracle.”

Jesus said: “My people, these people at Gethsemane Ministries came together when they witnessed a cross in the sky. They bought an old school and renovated it so they could have retreats and a possible refuge. They have a large cistern for water storage and they are planning to set up a refuge. They have a chaplain priest already for daily Mass. I could bring My luminous cross over this place for healing. They need to have My angels help finish up this refuge.”

Jesus said: “My son, My words in your messages have inspired many people to set up refuges. You have visited several refuges recently and these refuge builders have heeded My words to prepare their refuges with food, water, and fuels. Some have even added some solar panels for electricity to run their water wells. I will multiply your water, food, and fuels so your people can survive the whole tribulation. Pray for all of My refuges so My faithful can be saved from all the bombs and viruses at My refuges where My angels will protect you from harm.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have recommended that My visionaries and even other faithful to avoid taking long trips. This is because the evil ones will be slowly putting controls over you with another pandemic virus and a shutdown. You could also see more control over your finances, as well as a possible expansion of the Ukraine war. As these events will get worse, you may see My call to your refuges after the Warning and the six weeks of Conversion. Trust in Me that My angels and I will protect you from any harm.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will soon see the one world people will crash your dollar and replace your dollars with a new digital currency. I have warned you about this digital dollar and not to take the mark of the beast that will be forced on you. Once the mark of the beast is pushed, I will call My faithful to My refuges. Those people, who take this mark and worship the Antichrist, could be condemned to hell. Refuse to take this mark, and refuse to take any vaccines or flu shots that the evil ones will try to force on you.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have read in places how the next Pandemic virus will be ten times more deadly than your Covid virus. The new virus could incorporate the Marburg virus, the Ebola virus, and a pneumonic plague. If you do not use antibiotics, holy oils as the Good Friday oil, or Hawthorn tea as the virus appears, people could die within four days. You can also be healed of this new virus when you look upon the luminous cross at the refuges. You can also use exorcism water with a miraculous medal stirred in it. Remove the medal and drink the water. Your Hawthorn bags could be used to make tea that you can take three times a day. Be prepared to use My remedies because you had a vision of dead bodies on the ground from this new virus.”

September 27, 2023: (St. Vincent de Paul) Jesus said: “My people, you are all blessed to be able to receive My Real Presence every time you receive Me in Holy Communion. In the vision you are seeing water flow out from the tabernacle in all directions. This represents how My graces flow out to every soul. I call you to keep a clean soul by frequent Confession so you are worthy to receive the grace of My Blessed Sacrament. In the Gospel I sent My apostles out with authority to heal the sick in My Name. When they went into a town, they were to stay with a faithful person, for My workers are worthy of receiving food and a place to stay. Even today, I call My servants to spread My Word of love and to bless everyone in My Name. Reach out to help your neighbor in need and I will reward you when you face Me at your judgment. Keep praying for the souls in your family and give them your good example of daily prayer and Mass. I love you so much, and I desire that you love Me and make Me the center of your lives.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have created everyone in My Image with your body, soul, and spirit. Just as you look on My cross, you are seeing a horizontal plane that represents your physical being that you experience on earth with all of your senses. Then you saw a vertical plane that represents your spiritual being that is your connection with Me through your soul and spirit. You are called to love Me with your whole mind, your whole heart, and your whole soul. I love all of you so much as I look into your heart where I see the intentions of all of your actions. So keep a clean soul free of sin so you are ready to receive Me in Holy Communion, and you will be ready for your judgment when I will call you home to Me in death. I thank all of My faithful who come to Me in daily Mass and daily Adoration at night. This is a sign to Me of how much you love Me and your desire to be with Me. I long to have people visit Me in My tabernacle as you honor Me and give Me praise in My Real Presence.”

September 26, 2023: (St. Cosmas and St. Damien) Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing the nine choirs of angels as they are singing My praises every day. They are getting ready for the final battle against the evil ones. I am calling out to all of My faithful to be ready to follow My Word and act on it to show your love for Me by your obedience to My Commandments and your good works. I love all of you and I want you to follow My Will in all of your actions.”

Camille R. said: “Hello everyone. Send my love to Carol, Sharon, and Vic. John, I did not realize how important the refuges will be in these end times. Your refuges are truly arks of protection for all of the faithful. You are right in making preparations for all the people who will come to your refuge. Be prepared because the evil ones are going to persecute Christians, and they want to kill people with their viruses and vaccines. Be thankful that the Lord and His angels will be protecting you and feeding you.”

Jesus said: “My people, I told you that every refuge will have a Perpetual Adoration of a consecrated Host in a monstrance. One job will have someone assigning hours for Adoration around the clock so people are always adoring Me. This will be My Real Presence that will assure you of My miracles when I will multiply your food, water, and fuels. I love all of My people, and I want My believers to find rest and protection at My refuges. Having My Real Presence with you throughout the tribulation is a blessing and My angels will not allow non-believers or demons to come into My refuges. Trust in Me to watch over all of My faithful.”

September 25, 2023 Jesus said: “My son, the more visions I give you of your refuge buildings, the closer the time of tribulation will be. I showed you the digging of the basement of your high-rise building, and now you are seeing the finished building. The angels will put a shield of invisibility around it so the evil people could not see it. The faithful will come slowly, and St. Joseph and the angels will direct them to their rooms. I will multiply the food and water, and beds will be provided. I will even take care of the latrines. This will be a large project, but have no worries for I will help you to organize all of these people. You saw in your talks how the people had chairs and tables for their living spaces. So trust in Me to provide for all of your needs. You will see this building and a large church come into reality because for Me, all things are possible.”

Jesus said: “My people, I died on the cross so that I could make reparation for the sins of all of mankind. I call all of My faithful to My forgiveness of your sins with the priest’s absolution in Confession. Try to come to Confession at least once a month. I love all of you so much, and I want to see clean souls before Me instead of black souls. In order to come to Me in heaven, you need to love Me and cleanse your souls of sin by seeking My forgiveness. I pour out My grace on all of My faithful.”

September 24, 2023 Jesus said: “My people, you heard in the first reading that My ways are different from your ways. In the Gospel many people do not understand the generosity of the landowner, because My love is similar in that I give every soul an opportunity to come to heaven. This parable is not about financial fairness, but it is My desire to save every soul, even if it is a deathbed conversion. I do encourage people to come to Me sooner than at the last minute, because you do not want to come too late and possibly be lost in hell. Trust in Me that I welcome every soul to love Me and believe in Me. I ask that you seek Me in the confessional so you can seek My forgiveness of your sins, so you can keep a clean soul. This vision of the empty chair of St. Peter, is a sign that you are in the last days when the Antichrist will be allowed a short reign of less than 3½ years. My faithful remnant will be called to the safety of My refuges where you will be protected by My angels, and I will multiply your needs for your survival.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that those refuges, who have prepared chapels for Mass, will have a priest to offer daily Mass during the tribulation. I am showing you this vision, My son, because you will have a priest at your refuge when St. Joseph builds this high rise building and a church. You will have several priests to minister to so many people. Trust in Me that I will do the impossible to help so many faithful souls. I have told you also that you will help to organize your expanded refuge. The people will be thanking you and St. Joseph for providing a safe place during the tribulation. You will be giving Me praise and thanksgiving for all I will do for you.”

Steve: Steve said: “My family, I am in heaven, and I did want to see justice for the one who killed me, but only if it is God’s will. I know My family has made inquiries about my case, but the current people running the Justice system are corrupt, and it is doubtful my case will have a fair trial. You can pray for justice, but it will be almost a miracle to find such justice with your current people who are running your courts.”

September 23, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, you have read the Gospel of the Parable of the Sower many times. You remember the seed on the path that could not grow because the birds ate it up. The seed on rocky ground did not have moisture to grow, and the seed among the thorns was choked and could not produce fruit. But the seed that fell on good soil produced fruit thirty, sixty, and one hundred-fold. My Word is the seed and the first three places represent people who were distracted by the devil and were lost in hell. The seed that produced varying amount of fruit represents people who had been given various levels of grace and ability to praise Me and produce different levels of sainthood. The vision shows an elevator where My angels are bringing the faithful to their appointed level in heaven of the seven levels. The more fruit of your good works that you perform, and the closer you are to Me in prayer, will determine the higher place in heaven that you will be judged. I love everyone, but it is every person’s free will decision that determines which road they will choose, either with Me in heaven, or with the devil in hell. So come to the One who loves you so much, and not to the devil who hates you.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a building of all white walls with many arches. I am warning My faithful that there will be a one world religion that will include a takeover of all the religions of the world. This will be the religious arm under the control of the Antichrist. The Antichrist will have a world bank that will control all of the wealth of the world. The Antichrist will also control the UN troops which will be his military arm. Before you see a takeover of the world religions, I will call My faithful to the daily Mass at My refuges. Before the Antichrist declares himself, you will see the churches closed and the Catholic Church will be taken over. My faithful will be safe at My refuges when the Antichrist will take over the world for less than 3½ years. Be thankful that you will have My Real Presence at My refuge Masses. So I will be with you to protect you from the evil ones.”

September 22, 2023 Jesus said: “My people, in the Scriptures it says: ‘Money is the root of all evil.’ Some people lie, cheat, and even kill people to gain money. In the end those people will have to pay for their crimes. If you have food and clothing, that is enough for you to survive. All of your stored up wealth will not help you when I will call you home in death. So be content with your lot and do not seek more wealth than you need. It is better to keep your focus on Me and keep a clean soul with frequent Confession. You are not ready to live if you are not prepared in your soul to die on a day you do not know. Trust in Me and My angels to protect you from harm and the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of an evil eye refers to the power of the Antichrist’s eyes. After the Warning and the six weeks of Conversion, I have warned you to put all of your internet devices as your cell phones, computers, and TVs out of your house so the Antichrist’s eyes cannot hypnotize you into worshiping him. In the Federal Reserve System you were given money at first that was backed by gold. This was stopped and then you had dollars backed by silver as silver certificates. Today there is nothing backing your dollar and your dollars become part of your National Debt. The new currency would replace your dollars, but it will be tracked so the evil ones would know everything you buy. If you buy something that is forbidden, as religious things, or food storage, your account could be decreased, and with enough wrong purchases, you could have your account zeroed. You will see after the digital dollar, a coming mandate to have the mark of the beast or a computer chip put under your skin. My faithful should refuse to take this mark at all costs, even to lose your job. The evil ones will send the UN troops out house to house to try and force this chip on everyone. Before this happens, I will call My faithful to My refuges. This is when My believers will receive an inner locution to leave your house in 20 minutes to avoid being captured by the UN troops dressed in black. Those people, who accept the mark and worship the Antichrist will go to hell. Trust in Me that My angels will protect you at My refuges from all of the evil ones. Have no fear of this time because those people, who follow Me, will receive their reward in My Era of Peace and later in heaven.”

September 21, 2023: (St. Matthew) Jesus said: “My son, just as I called St. Matthew to be one of My apostles, so I called you and your wife to serve in spreading My Word of love and commitment to the faith. You have been traveling for twenty-eight years for two trips a month, except during the Covid time. After this weekend’s trips, I have asked you not to go out again in this October. You are sensing another possible shutdown as the evil ones have more plans to kill people with their viruses and vaccines. Refuse to take these poisonous shots, even if they are mandated. These evil ones are also going to crash your dollar and replace it with a controlled token currency, and they will try to dictate your spending. This will lead to the mark of the beast which you should also avoid taking. You will continue your Zoom meetings on the third and fourth Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m., so you can continue to spread My messages on the Zoom and your website ( I thank all of My end time apostles who are preparing My people to come to My refuges for your protection during the tribulation of the Antichrist.”

Prayer Group: Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you the guardian angels who are leading My faithful to their refuges with a flame. I have been giving you many messages on My refuges, and how you will be protected on your way to My refuges with an invisible shield. I am asking My faithful to trust in Me and My angels to provide for your needs. I had you do some practice runs so you would see how you would live at My refuges. So have no fear because you are in My hands and I love you, and I will be protecting you at all times from the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, many prayer groups could be a place of refuge. Your prayer group was happy to share an overnight experience to see what it is like to limit your lights and sleep on cots overnight. When you come to My refuges, you will have food to eat, a place to sleep, and having hours to pray before the tabernacle. Get used to less comforts than you have now because it will be rustic living with bread, soups, and more prayer than usual. You will be experiencing this life for less than 3½ years. Those people, who do not come to a refuge, could be suffering from the evil people, and you could even be martyred. The refuge is your safe place, so come to one when you are called.”

Jesus said: “My people, peace be with you is how I comforted My apostles. I also performed miracles for My apostles so they would know that I am the Messiah. It will be My miracles that will house many faithful and feed them as well. So have no fear because I will show My faithful miracles as well. Trust in Me that I could multiply all of your needs. When you see Me refilling your containers, this will give you peace with no worries about how I will feed you.”

Jesus said: “My people, I will bring many of My faithful into a building that will be put up in your backyard in only one day. The angels will be moving elevators up and down in these buildings. They will assist you in providing meat from the deer that I will bring into your camp. These miracles will give your people peace, that you are being cared for and protected from the Antichrist. You will have daily Mass and Holy Communion at every refuge, so I will be with you in My sacraments. Do not worry about what the evil ones will be doing outside, because they cannot harm you.”

Jesus said: “My people, have no fear about the coming evil tribulation. The Antichrist will declare himself after the Warning and the Conversion time. You will be safe in your refuges when the Antichrist will be allowed to take over the world. His reign will be less than 3½ years and many will be killed during the tribulation. The Antichrist will force many people to take the mark of the beast, as he will control their souls. Fear not because the evil ones cannot enter your refuge. These evil ones you will see no more once I come in victory and I will cast them into hell. Then I will renew the earth and bring you into My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will be tested with the loss of your money and more viruses that could kill people. I have given you healing remedies with Hawthorn tea, holy oils and herbs, and holy water with a miraculous medal stirred in it. The evil ones will try to scare you and try to force vaccines on you, but do not take any vaccines because it will not cure any virus and the vaccines could kill people. So if necessary give up any job that will mandate this vaccine. I will multiply your food in faith even before you come to My refuges. You will have to have deep trust in My protection during the tribulation time. I will call you to My refuges when the evil ones threaten your lives.”

Jesus said: “My people, My Warning and the six weeks of Conversion are coming shortly, so be prepared physically and spiritually. My Warning will be a great outpouring of My love and forgiveness of your sins. Take advantage of My Warning and My Conversion time to work on converting your families to be My believers. In the Warning you will be told that the refuges will be the only safe places from the Antichrist. So be ready to leave your homes in 20 minutes when My angels will lead you to My refuges with a flame. I am reaching out to save as many souls as I can from going to hell. Those souls, who are lost in hell, will be by their own free will decision. Choose to be with Me in My refuges and you will be saved from hell, and you will have your reward in My Era of Peace.”

September 20, 2023: (St. Andrew Kim, Korean martyrs) Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you that the Christians will start seeing more persecution for their faith. You will see problems with your money, and you may not be able to buy things at the store without the mark of the beast. You also could be put in the detention center death camps if you do not have proof of a vaccine shot or the mark of the beast. For protection from the evil ones I will need to call My faithful to My refuges to avoid the UN troops in black. If they capture you, you could be martyred in the death camps. Trust in Me and My angels to protect you at My refuges.”

St. Meridia said: “I am Meridia and I stand before God in His service. I have been assigned to your refuge and your prayer group. All of the refuge angels know how to put shields over your refuges against atomic bombs, viruses, and even comets. The first shield would be a shield of invisibility so the evil ones cannot see you. Protecting you from an EMP attack is nothing for us angels to perform. You are right in depending on God and His angels for protection, instead of buying an EMP device for your electric system. Trust in the Lord and His angels for your protection and to multiply your needs.”


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